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  1. Hi can you please settle an argument? when you are playing from the tee on a par 4 and there is a hazard in front of you where. You would have to carry 200 yds to reach the fairway, if you are not capable of hitting over the hazard is it a rule of Golf that there must be a bale out area ? regerds, jim murphy
  2. Hi while playing in a competition my partners ball made a very large pitch mark on the green about one inch on and spun back another inch off the green, knowing that he could not repair the pitch mark i asked if i could repair it for him as it would allow him to put the ball, he replied that he did not think i could but said if i walked by and stud on the pitch mark while doing so it probably would be ok, witch i did. (1) the question is did I infringe the rules (2) did he by suggesting i walk on it.
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