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    My 4 nephews - Coco, my dog - Golf - WVU Athletics - Pittsburgh Steelers
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  1. Thank you! I very much appreciate that info!!!
  2. Awesome, I appreciate the feedback!
  3. Heading to St. Augustine. Playing both courses at WGV & St. John's Golf Club over the 4 night trip!
  4. I did sign up for that notification. I appreciate the response, thank you!
  5. Has there been any news as to if Titleist will be doing a larger release of this product? I got a dozen when they did the release & absolutely loved the ball. If you get a chance to purchase the balls, do it.
  6. Just got my bag packed for a trip to Florida. Cleaning & organizing last night, I took some photos. What are your thoughts?!
  7. Ordered this on 10/13 custom specs & it was delivered 10/21/2021! I haven't had a fairway in my bag for 10+ years as I went with stronger lofted hybrids & Adams Super Hybrid. This club is phenomenal in all aspects! Great looking down at setup/address & I truly don't mind the acoustics it produces. I only got 9 in last night (office til 5p & 7p is getting pretty(very) dark). Took 4 opportunities to hit it off the tee (wasn't presented with opportunity to hit from FW), and this club performed very well. My natural shot shape is a RH draw, and this club responded very well to shot shaping desires. I used marking on my GPS to measure shot distances 252, 261, 244, & 257. I would 10/10 recommend trying this club to anyone looking to replace/upgrade their FW off the 4 shots I got to hit alone!! **Full disclaimer - I went through 2 fitting processes to arrive at this club, and would recommend getting fit before investing into any club**
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