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  1. Maui Jim Sunset polarized wrap style. Had them for 10 years now and always use them playing golf when it’s sunny out. Light weight, rubber nosepiece, and I almost always forget I’m wearing them. Wore Rayban’s forever before discovering Maui Jim. Never a problem with any optical weirdness at the edges or anything with either brand.
  2. Yep, replaced my two hybrids with a Big Bertha 7 & 9 woods last year. Was too hooky with the hybrids. Both launch nice & high and are more accurate for me.
  3. Four for me: Callaway woods: Mavrik Max driver, Big Betha fairway woods Sub70 699 irons 6 thru gap <--- the folks at Sub70 are absolutely amazing Cleveland CBX Full Face wedges <--- 56 & 60 SeeMore Si5 Black putter Before purchase, all were fit to me
  4. @BobW I am intrigued by Sqairz shoes. My main requirements are proper fit, comfort, traction, stability, and waterproofing. If the shoe can help with distance via ground effects, even better. I saw the result above regarding traction with spikeless shoes. I haven’t been thrilled with spikeless. I’m hoping the unused pair of the old FJ Contours in EW width I unearthed in the closet last a couple seasons. Golf shoe options for those of us with very wide feet are limited. I’m talking 3E and 4E widths. Bob, I'm aware that’s a more limited market. I know a manufacturer has to weigh the overall cost (design, production, warehousing, distribution, etc) versus the potential return. That nice wide looking toe box, the comfort and stability those on this thread have reported, along with confirmed waterproofing make me willing to pay a bit extra. Is there some way Sqairz could dip a toe in the extra wide market somehow?
  5. Interesting thread, especially since I'm in the market for new shoes. I have worn FJ's forever, with a couple interim stops with New Balance. I have a wide foot, 4E, and that significantly limits shoe selection. NB's just aren't the same any longer. FJ seems to have narrowed the toe box on the last couple pairs. The Pro SL's I bought last fall just don't fit well for me in 4E. I have a pair I wore three times sitting in the garage. I won't go longer lengths as for me that has always goofed up the fit. I wanted to try True, but they used to say they would fit some 3E feet. Thank goodness, I found a pair of FJ Contours - my old favorite - that I bought a several years ago, put in the closet for when the gamers wore out, and forgot about them. I found them recently and I'm wearing those now until I find something that fits properly. I did check out the Sqairz website after seeing the commercials last year. I'd try them if they fit very wide feet for the same reason I use Snell balls, a SeeMore putter, and now Sub70 irons. If the small manufacturer has something that works as just as well, I'd much rather support them.
  6. Titleist 15 way cart bag is the only way for me. Allows me to keep my Sklz Gold Flex in the bag. Looking to get a new Titleist Cart 15 as this one is showing wear and a couple tears after seven years. Has worked fine for me with either my Clicgear Model 3.5 push cart or riding carts. Club pull out fine. I like the organized look and ease of grabbing the club I want with a glance. On a sort of related note, does anyone flip their clubs in a 14 or 15 way bag before travel and checking the bag on an airplane? My coach (6 way devotee) flips his irons upside down in his bag before putting everything in his travel bag. I haven't done that and am not sure how well that works with 14 or 15 way bags. I've never had damage with un-flipped clubs in a Club Glove travel bag with a Stiff Arm and some additional bubble wrap.
  7. Regular 'ole Golf Pride Tour Velvets with 2 extra wraps. Rain or shine, warm, hot, or in the 30's, they feel like the same grip to me. Tried others, but these work for me in all conditions. I get a full season out of them with basic maintenance of Windex washes maybe once a month. Winn Jumbo Prolite on the SeeMore.
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