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  1. It is lunch time which makes this a perfect time to do a temperature check with my fellow golfers! I have recently picked up golfing myself and am surprised that in today's world there are few options for getting drinks, snacks, or even extra golf balls (I learned that I can never have enough of those ) while you are on the course. So I partnered with some other local techies to build a simple product to help courses provide on-course delivery and now that we have something to show I would love to hear your thoughts! I have put together a survey to help organize the feedback: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/YWHQDKT Hoping to clarify: I am not selling anything to golfers! I do intend on selling to courses eventually, but this topic is meant to see if an app like this is something golfers would use -- or if I am the only one getting thirsty on the course and tired of "dancing" with the bevvy.
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