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  1. I played with a set of Ping I-5 irons, standard length, green dots for years, even won a league championship with that set of irons. But, despite how many good days I had with those irons and the achievements I experienced with them, I never felt really good about the way I was striking the ball, because I just couldn't do it as consistently as I wanted to. Then, I tried something radical. I shortened the shafts by 1-1/2 inches on the whole set, from the 60 degree wedge all the way down to the 4-iron. And wow, what a difference it made, almost immediately. Rather than lose any clubhead speed at all, I actually picked up speed, started striking the ball cleanly and solidly, gaining both distance and accuracy and went from a golfer who was averaging in 85-95 range to someone who was playing consistently in the 75-85 range, primarily because I had a lot more confidence in my ability to strike the ball consistently. So, based on my own experience with shortening the shafts on a set of Ping irons, I would highly recommend giving it a try, especially if you are struggling with striking the ball cleanly and achieving accuracy at hitting your target. Keep in mind, you can always add the length back onto the club shafts if it doesn't work out for you, next time you get them regripped!
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