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  1. Hello all. Sorry for interruption. I am not sure if posting and advertising for my own golf project is allowed here. I am the founder of the company, any question, tech/function/business enquiry please just feel free to discuss here or send me a msg I will try my very best to ans. them. Basically I came up with this idea a year ago. I applied and was granted a little gov funding and raised a little angle fund. A team of 8, we spent a year on this. In the first half of year we worked on pose estimation, but I later realized that's somehow meaningless for a golf simulator, and we spent another half year to get this ball launch monitor done. It is all about computer vision. We spent so much time on making the computer to recognise the golf ball flying in high speed under most circumstances (i.e. dark environment), and then to squeeze the software into a mobile phone. We started implementing all the physics formula a couple months ago to extract motion data such as ball speed and carry distance. This part is taking us quite a lot of time too because none of us had any experience working on similar project before where we realized we have been ignoring a lot of essential factors that are affecting the flight of the ball (i.e. Magnus effect, air friction, spin rate, spin axis, etc.) Frankly speaking, it was once very accurate (less than 15% difference when comparing with a gc2). We recently felt that the detection area was a bit small and we expanded that to around 2 sq. ft. and things screwed up. Therefore, we are adjusting everything again now because we insist to have a larger detection area. Like all other startups, we have no income, have been spending money all along and I am hoping the Kickstarter campaign can ease a bit of our financial stress. Honestly, the $5k goal isn't even enough for our half month operation cost, but I am thinking maybe feedback from the campaign could be some evidence for me to persuade my upcoming investors. Please support us to get this to live, and comments welcomed, either positive or negative! Thank you.
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