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  1. Hey everyone, I was quickly fit for a 54* and 59* SM9 wedge both with 10* of bounce and S grind. For those of you that use these how does the S grind perform on flop shots and out of bunkers? Now looking on the vokey site I see that it is more geared for a square face, which I rarely hit with 59*. Am I better off switching to an M or even D grind?
  2. Ok thanks, what about just installing a single bend shaft?
  3. Hey everyone, I have a Spider Tour putter with a double bent shaft. This makes it face balanced, could I theoretically swap the shaft to a straight shaft to achive more of a toe hang? As opposed to buying a new putter? Thanks
  4. Hey everyone. I am trying to figure out how to gap my wedges, I have a set of p790's 5-AW. The AW is 50* and will have faster ball speeds then my incoming vokeys. I am ready to order sm9's but trying to figure out gapping. I was planning on going 54* and 58*, but playing some more recently has lead me to remember how much I love my 60*. What do you think about doing a 56* bent to 55* and a 60*? Is 5* too much and will the AW be too long? Thanks!
  5. For those of you that game p790's has anyone figured out how to fit a driving iron into the top of there bag? Everyway I look at it I always have gapping issues. I hit the ZX and T200 2 irons both so well and I really want to get one of them into the bag but I can't figure it out. Thanks!
  6. If your interested click here! No Entry Free, Prize TBD, Season Starts at the 2022 Sony Open on Jan 13. https://www.fantrax.com/newui/fantasy/joinLeague.go?leagueId=ogxmkj8dkya92p59&isSubmit=y
  7. What have you heard from friends/brands/social media?
  8. Hi, with the relase of the new SM9 and my pending order of SM8's have people that have used multiple generations of Vokey wedges seen significant differences in performance? Thanks!
  9. Yeah I’m not sure what I am going to do. I guess I will go demo some more and look at distances and gapping. Or i just swap that 4h that doesn’t really serve a purpose with a driving iron just for off the tee.
  10. Yeah so I don’t have a huge reason besides me not loving hybrids over long irons and that I’m playing an old set and my bag/me is ready for some new sticks. My carry distances are not sure for wedges because they haven’t arrived yet and coming from different lofts. Aw-120 Pw-130 9-150 8-160 7-170 6-180 5-190, 4H-195 3H-215 3W-235 D-265 its really that 5 iron to 4 hybrid that im trying to work around. Unfortunately the 2 iron I hit was flying 220ish which doesn’t quite fit in, however it really doesn’t need too because i won’t hit it into greens. Thanks!
  11. Hi everyone, I have been trying to figure out what to do in the top of my bag. yesterday I hit a few utility irons and loved them but they aren't great off the fairway. I also hit a Cobra Rad 4 Iron which is loft jacked to the point where its basically a 2iron. Its super forgiving and goes miles so I was thinking maybe put that in to use both off the tee and fairway. Below is my current witb and if anyone could help me rework the top it would be greatly appreciated. SM8-58 SM8-54 21' P790 5-AW Nike 4 Hybrid- ready to be placed Titleist 3 hybrid- really hit this well and don't need to change it R11S 3 Wood- fine but open to changing to re work bag 19' Epic Max Driver- needs new shaft or new driver
  12. Hi everyone, I have been reading a lot of the my golf spy ball reviews and I keep seeing the True Price part of the article. I understand how that works but is there anyway to ensure the ball I'm playing is actually "perfect," without obviosity cutting it open. So for example on the Bridgestone Tour B XS, there is 8% bad balls. How do I know which balls are "bad," is this possible? Thanks!
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