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  1. Tried out the 19* UW with the stock PX RDX 80S shaft and did not like it, just felt pretty dead. Put in the GD AD DI 8x and it is now a very usable club, pretty long for me being right in the 190 range which is what I was hoping for and so far good launch off the deck or tee. Still only hit hit a half a dozen times so the learning curve is still there, not quite sure on the ball position just yet for the best performance with my swing.
  2. It would seem likely something will come out after the PGA show, no idea what line it it will update or replace. But I will be watching, might just go to the show this year and see what's new that we don't know about. I would be real happy if Grindworks has a presence.
  3. Amazing what millions of dollars can do to rebuild a broken body, most of us normal Joe's would still be in a wheelchair or on crutches after a wreck like that. It is also about his willingness to work hard to get back, but most don't have the time and can afford the best of the best in care and rehab which has to be a big factor in his ability to hit balls again after such a serious injury to the leg.
  4. I have a Callaway 19* UW on the way to replace the flash 7 wood, needed something new to get the blood flowing.
  5. 4-AW .370 .50" over standard, standard tipping per Fuji there is a .50" extension in the 4 iron shaft The 4&5 iron are 95 g, the rest 115 gr all stiff flex I bought these new and it was a 1 time installation and pull. $240.00 shipped East of the Mississippi
  6. I decided to try my hand at some "real" golf and joined the Grint, after getting enough rounds in the have a official grint handicap I went to my 1st Event that just happened to be in town at one of the nicer Courses. Having played it a few times I know the layout so that felt like a advantage, we got rained out the day of the Tournament and it was rescheduled for a few months later and I actually did pretty good coming in second in my flight and quite honestly had the best putting day of my life with just about everything going in and even chipped in twice. So I was very energized and looked forward to more Tournaments, that's were things starting going downhill with my perception of the way the Tournaments are ran. Has anyone else played in these Tournaments and what was your feeling on sandbagging?
  7. Presently play Driver, 4 wood, 7 wood and a 19* might be able to boot the 7 wood. It looks good in pictures but adjustablility would have been better to reach more people. I would need to hold it and see it at address before taking the plunge on another hybrid like experiment that never seems to work long term.
  8. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? about 30 years, Cap ranges from 9-12 normally What do you love about golf? New Equipment and the occasional shot that works as planned What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? I was chatting with Rob on another forum and he mentioned there are a lot of old friends here from other sites so I thought I would join and see what's up. Where are you from? What is your home course? Central Florida, no home course What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? heat in the summer and crowds in the winter What do you do for a living? Sales How’d you pick your user name? easy for an old guy to remember.. New to the forum, old friends with Rob and I suspect a lot of other members. I was a THP member for years and currently visit WRX. Love the game and messing around with Equipment, the scores never seem to change but the bag does. Got into club building to save some money and do most of my own work when not buying from OEM's. Currently have a full bag of Callaway but that could change if something else catches my eye.
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