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  1. Thanks for all of the responses. I am going to order the T100S irons. They look good, feel good and perform well. That's a winning combination.
  2. My Club Champion fitting was excellent. I have been fitted in the past but this fitting was the best by far. The bottom line is that the i59s and shaft choice out performed my iBlades in all categories - ball speed, smash factor, trajectory, dispersion and carry distance. However, the Titleist T100S was better than both the iBlade and the i59 most notably in dispersion, smash factor (avg. 3.59) and carry which was, on average, 170 yards with the 6 iron. My iBlade carry distance is 160 yards. Comparisons between the i59 and the T100S were with the same shaft, a 95gm Aerotech Steelfiber shift with club lie and loft reduced by 1 degree. I really don't want to move away from PING but the T100S and shaft combination is very compelling. BTW, the cost of the i59 is approximately $70 more per club head than the T100S.
  3. I am getting fitted tomorrow for PING i59 irons. I have been using PING iBlades for about 5 years, since they came out. I am planning to replace them with the i59s which are promoted as the next generation irons. I am not convinced that i59s are for me because they claim to hit the ball higher which is something that I don't need but they also claim to be a bit more forgiving. Their price is also a factor. They are outrageously high priced. I would like to hear what others think about these irons.
  4. Love this hat. Can't find it anywhere.
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