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    Short Game
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  1. Slashski


    Thanks for the offers won a bid on ebay for some s300's.
  2. The the Tsr 2 and 3. The 2 is very forgiving and the looks at address are a big improvement from the tsi2. I didnt hit the tsr3 very good so im gonna keep the tsi3 in the bag for awhile.
  3. Went in to get a new vokey wedge, come out with a ADXC driver shaft, and a set of T100's. Old lady is gonna cut my nuts off if she finds out lol.
  4. Slashski


    Looking for standard length stiff iron shafts in the 120-130 gram range. .355 tip preferably s300's
  5. I have in play a sm6 48, sm8 52 and a sm4 56. The sm4 spins alot more than the 6 and 8's. Also have a Sm4 60 when i take my 2 wood or hyrid out.
  6. Before and after every shot. Part routine, part ocd.
  7. Driver hzdrus black rdx 60s Srixon 13.5 hzdrus smoke 70s Ts3 16.5 hzdrus smoke 70s ZX HYBRID 19 hzdrus smoke 80s 4-PW Zx-5 modus 120x Vokeys modus115s
  8. I have a shaft fitting coming up and interested in the adhd. Currenty in a tsi3 at 7.25 with a stock RDX 60 gram stiff flex. Average swing speed is 103-105. My natural ball flight is a baby fade. Just looking for some input on this shaft and others. Thanks for looking.
  9. Nice setup and nice pickup. I got a set of zx5's with the modus 120s xflex the dispersion on them is eye opening.
  10. Maybe a shaft issue idk? I swing my 13.5 srixon about 102-104ish and get 250 off the deck and 260ish off a tee on a well struck shot.
  11. Does anyone play a steel shaft in there driver? The best striking driver i ever owned was founders club 9 degree with a 43 and a half shaft in the early-mid 90's. Thinking of getting a regular flex 44 inch steel shaft made for my tsi3 head to experiment with.
  12. Tsi3 Driver 8 degree Ts3 15 degree 4-pw apex19's Sm6 48 Sm8 52,56,60 Ping anser Putter.
  13. Looking at the apex21 19 degree or the tsi3 hybrid. Any input?
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