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  1. After my first Foundation program just completed and with the incredible results as previously shared, I was moved into the Full Speed Spectrum training program as selected by the app at the start of this year. My first two sessions of this new program were a struggle and both were very underwhelming back to back sessions as far as speed. I have changed something in my routine though. With the New Year and all these happy feels tied to my progress, I started a weight training program to hopefully compliment my Stack training. Well a heavy leg day filled with squats and deadlifts this morning yielded laboring effort during my Stack session later in the day and my worst single day speed results ever. But, it gets better….took out the driver for some air swings following the session to take my frustrations out on and obviously not expecting anything but the same struggle. Then this happened. 118mph (SIM2 9.0deg/44.25”/Tour AD DI 7S/JumboMax Ultralight XS). 3mph faster than my previous best. Keep in mind before starting the Stack on Nov 5/21 I was registering in the high 90s. That’s physically finding a way to swing the club 20mph faster in just 2 months. Go figure. I’m still a believer! Happy New Year! Happy Training Everyone!
  2. Hi there! I’m still a believer! Starting into Phase 4 of the Foundation Program (about 5 weeks in) and the gains are still impressive, at least for me. I’m up 14mph which now translates to now having the potential to hit 300+ yd drives with the 110+ mph driver eSpeed. Air swing with my gamer driver is now consistently between 113-115mph measured on the PRGR and at about 90% of max effort. Hope this helps if you’re on the fence still about the Stack. Happy training!
  3. Winding down the third week of the Stack and couldn’t be more pleased. Couple of pics to share the progress. The first showing the potential gains. The second pic was from my 3rd set in today’s workout with just 20g of Stack weight on (representing a total weight of about 207g) where I managed 2 swings at 121mph. 3 weeks ago while swinging somewhere in the high 90s on average at best I wondered what it might feel like to swing something/anything in the 120s at the end of all this. I know it wasn’t with the driver or a simulated driver weight but seeing the number makes for believing the body can actually get to that number because it has. The best legal performance enhancing drugs might just be a steady dose of hard work, confidence and belief! If not being dealt by the Stack then from where else has this euphoria come from?! Happy training!
  4. Hi Everyone! First ever post to a forum of any kind but it was this thread and ultimately my first couple of weeks with TheStack that has compelled me to share my early results. Thanks to you all for the inspiration and sharing your comments as I was on the fence about speed training. I decided to jump right in, commit to TheStack and my Canadian offseason would be the perfect time to do it. This first post is going to be bit of a novel but if you are still trying to figure out what your position is on the value of this speed training conundrum and the various systems out there, my early experiences might help you decide. Perhaps some of you can relate to the search for the fountain of youth as I hit 48yrs young this year. I suppose I fall under weekend warrior slash Average Joe status but I did manage 15 rounds this COVID shortened Canadian golf season (Ontario, where I am, actually suspended golf for some time and as the only place in the world I believe). I also managed a few visits to the driving range every week as well. What I found most troubling this year was that I started to believe that my Arccos sensors were shortchanging me across the board especially with driver distances as it was telling me I was averaging 243y total, carry+roll, over the year. I am of the notion that I must actually be driving the ball around 270-280y and there's something just not calibrated with my Arccos App (just like the big fish I caught that got away, I suppose). I can't really be 30y shorter, can I? A week before my Stack arrived, my PRGR launch monitor arrived which turned out to be a good starting point and eyeopener. In my mind, I was surely swinging around 100mph maybe even 105-110mph with elbow grease. So I immediately opened the box and set up a swing mat in the living room (while the wife was out of the house of course) and began to ramp up to my course ready swings (air swings of course with no ball). The PRGR began confirming swings ramping up from 60mph, 70s then 80s, and then nearing the 90mph range. I was telling myself that I was surely still getting loose but to be honest it was already starting to feel close to full effort at 90mph. Enough of the warmup and I wanted to leave some in the tank for the ones that were going to count. I was now ready to unleash my vintage Tiger and modern day Bryson fury. GO time - I let it rip again and again and again. To my dismay, I averaged only around 95mph at full effort. On that one I swung out of my shoes on, literally with a pirouette finish,) that one somehow got me to only 103mph. Arccos and PRGR were not lying to me after all. Lesson Learned #1: If you've never had a swing monitor/radar, you really should get one. You are never swinging as fast as you or your ego think you are. Over that first week with the PRGR, I eventually managed to get to an air swing of 107mph. My Stack arrived a little over a week ago along with Dr. Sasho's handwritten note - nice touch! I baselined that day and matched my PB driver air swing on the Stack App at also 107mph (but also pleased to see the 10 measured driver swings at over 100mph). Here are some of the other Day 1 stats: About my driver (and my towering 5'9" frame), I am gaming a SIM2 10.5 / Tour AD DI 7S / 43.5" Length / DriTac Lite Grip / D2ish. Let's debate driver shaft length another day (yes I know that an added inch or two in length can get you 10-20y, potentially, but if you can't consistently control that length and missing centre-face contact you could be losing upwards of 30y of distance - in my case, I know that I am not consistently hitting the sweet spot with a longer 45.5" in my hands and the shorter driver, on average, puts me in a better position more often). Now on to the good stuff. Fast forward to today, the first 5 of 18 Foundation sessions complete, and something magical is already happening. +8mph on club head speed and +25y on distance potential per the App. Only 7 days in and 5 workouts later. After today's workout, I decided to take 5 extra swings with my driver. I registered 115mph on the PRGR on the last of those 5 swings, and yes, with that short driver I use. Just imagining the possibilities now. Lesson Learned #2: To swing fast, you have to swing fast. To feel a fast swing, you have to feel a fast swing. For me, TheStack is not only unlocking my potential, but it's also teaching me a thing or two about feel vs. real which is critical for anyone that loves this game. Again, sorry for the novel everyone. I promise the next one will be shorter. Just hoping this post motivates some of you as my reading your posts with your results have motivated me. Happy to share my journey and follow yours over the coming months. Happy Training! RR
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