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  1. I recently tried out TrackMan Range at Tri County Golf Ranch https://www.tricountygolfranch.com/ and found it to be outstandingly accurate. Accurate yardages within 1-2 yards max of all shots, half-wedge to driver. Plus they have a feature called "CONVERT" where not only do you get your actual distances but you can get your distances with no wind factored in and like you're hitting a Premium Ball (PROV or similar) so you can get better average carry yardages with your irons. They have touchscreen and mobile device access to the technology. The touchscreens are amazing. Really like their virtual golf mode as well. I like auto finish when you hit the green versus having to hit another shot to take the place of putts. Anyway, I hope people get over there and give this a try. I would say it's very close to the accuracy of the TrackMan launch monitor!
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