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  1. I carry 5 wedges with the 43* PW ( nine iron) I had to add a 48* wedge 52* 56* and 60* I am in my late 50’s and my drives only go out to around 260 yds now. So a 5w goes 220 or choke down and hit 205. Then it’s a 20* hybrid 5-PW and the wedges. Since going this route I concentrate on laying up to comfortable distances and play my second shot within yardages I am confident with. 160 yds in usually a 7 iron through wedges. I rarely use the 60* except for green side bunkers or short sided shots. 52* and 56* is what I use the most around greens and from 100 yds in. I spend 75% of my practice in the short game area at my course. I also use only balls I play with when I work on short game. I have gotten to the point the driver through 6 iron are clubs to use to cover distance. My short game has improved so much over the last year that I don’t worry with missing greens and can usually get up and down with great success. Until adding the 5th wedge and dropping the 3w and 4i I would shoot mid 80s playing at a 13 hdcp. This last year I have dropped to a 5.3 hdcp and still playing at 6400 to 6700 yds. Blue tees. Give it a shot you may find that you score better when you quit worrying about distance.
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