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  1. We did send an email to our whole database. We sent an email, posted on our social media and tried to get it in every publication because it is a really valuable update.
  2. I think a lot of the above will be answered in our new dashboard roll out. Hopefully within the next 4 weeks.
  3. We certainly do. In terms of the dashboard there is a big update coming soon. It will add a lot of mobile features to the dashboard but also retain some of the dashboard features which utilize a bigger screen. On the notes section, this has been discussed but I am unsure where it is in the development plan. Keep the recommendations coming, we love to read all feedback and definitely take suggestions into account when developing new features.
  4. Tony will feed the labels back to our dev team. We do automatically push versions, but here are the latest: iOS app - 2.9.17 Android app - 3.8.0 V3 Firmware - 2.4.0
  5. I can help with your question on Performance Average Distance. The purpose of P-Avg is to provide a distance of a good swing and good strike. So whilst I can't tell you the exact algorithm we probably remove around 70% of shots to provide that distance. Obviously the more rounds you play the more accurate it becomes.
  6. Hey Tony, You could set up a second account with another set of tags, or presuming you are in one place for a period of time, set up your bag and then switch active bag when you move location. We are looking at how to improve this feature as we realize this is an issue for some users. I am not sure what you mean by labels? Labels on the shot? There isn't mainly because we calculate on the fly all of your data, which allows us to always optimize our course mapping, so it would be extremely difficult to export. Best
  7. Yes we are working to add Strokes Gained to the Web Dashboard and have a new update for that prior to next season.
  8. Hey all, just to let you know the team at Shot Scope follow the user group closely and it is great feedback/discussion. I will chip in with answers to various questions as I can. Tag me, if you think I can shed some light. If there is an individual or account specific question best to get in touch with our support team, they are much quicker, smarter and will give better advice than I can.
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