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  1. Thanks everyone. I wasn't expecting this much help. I certainly don't swing like I did in my twenties but Id do still drink like I did. With that said, the clubs I have are an off the shelf MacGreagor set. They weren't great clubs when I bought them but were what I could afford. Come spring I'll shop around for something more appropriate for my swing and budget. Thanks for the input.
  2. Thanks for all the ideas. They were all very helpful. Need to start indoors for now so it will be putting first. Thanks Again.
  3. Hi, I have been out of the game for some time. I recently retired and have been playing more. I took a lesson mid-summer and made some adjustments. I am just inconsistent and need to practice more. Any suggestions on how to improve my overall game besides playing on a course? When at the range, is it better to work on my swing with a variety of clubs or try to master one part of the game at a time? I know all aspects are important but fixing one thing at a time should still improve my overall performance. For example, on average I shoot an 8 on medium length par 4. Maybe 4 to get on and 4 putt. Where is the best place to try and cut out a stroke? Getting more distance off the tee, improving the fairway shots, working around the green, putting? I guess my question is, where should I spend the bulk of my time when practicing?
  4. Hi, I just started playing again after almost 30 years. I have a relatively new driver (TaylorMade r7 quad), but my irons are over 40 years old. I regripped them but steel shafts and heads are original. I know a lot has changed in 40 years but what am I going to gain. As I haven't played much in the last 30 years, I am not that good. Now that I am retired I plan to play more often. What are the benefits of the new technology? If I can't replace the whole set at once, where do I begin? I don't have a fairway wood but have pretty much everything else. I bought a used 4 hybrid earlier this year just to have one in the bag. My putter is also 40 years old and I think I only paid $25 for it back in 1980. Thanks.
  5. Hi Everyone, I am planning a 3 night, 3 day trip to the Pinehurst area for 8 golfers in late March. The group varies in experience with a few beginners. The best among us (not me) is about an 18 handicap. We plan to get a house for all of us though airbnb or vrbo (anyone ever stay at Caddy Shack I or II). Looking for three courses that will challenge but not overwhelm us. We don't want to go broke or travel far from our home base. I have searched the discussions for similar requests but didn't find anything recent that was helpful. Suggestions about courses or anything Pinehurst related would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. Hi All, I started playing over 40 years ago put left it for quite some time. Played on and off until a year ago when I started playing regularly again. Never broke 100 but came close a few times. No matter how bad you play, you always hit a few that make you want to come back. I do not know any spies. None of my golfing buddies live close. Maybe I can pick up a few rounds with locals. Finger Lakes region of western New York. I haven't played locally in a few years so I don't have a home course. Spring, summer, and fall, the weather is wonderful. Retired:)
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