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  1. Our local catholic HS basketball team has a young special needs boy who gives it is all.They usually put him in with the B squad.For some floor time and experience.The opposing team pulled their whole squad off the court when he was playing.The opposing coach and local coach wanted him to get a basket.Well let’s just say the Home Teams crowd thought this was so disrespectful to the young man.They chastised both coaches for treating him like he was different then the other boys.I guess it got a little heated after.I see the coaches thinking.. but also see the other side as well.What do you think ?
  2. Mixing different swing philosophies is like dating multiple people .It never works.Your gonna slip up eventually.Stick with Monte
  3. The first foot of your backswing sets it all in motion.Need more hands in clubhead out
  4. A open face issue usually happens way before impact… and rears its ugly head later
  5. I will see if I can upload a few pics from my last session. Still working on my TST academy feels and drills
  6. Post a pic of your front or dtl impact and let’s give some good criticism.A little fun thread for most of us who are entering the winter months.Or in the nice warm states
  7. they said this was the last day.Unless we get a spurt of 60-70 degree temps.Ground is frozen like a rock
  8. I took a solo golf trip back in the late 90’s to Destin Florida.The only downfall was getting matched with 2 somes snd threesomes that were all new to the game.I tried to play my own game.But spent most of the time hunting down the groups shots they hit all over the lot.If you don’t have a foursome you never know who you might get matched up with
  9. Great job Vanty.I received a pm that stated Monty was secretly working with Rory a while back.If that is true I believe it.I see a bunch of NTC in Rory.And I’m sure NTC works for many a tour player in the top 25 as well.I see NTC and Broomforce in so many
  10. Some great shallow thoughts in this thread.Here is one that may help as well. Maybe I’m old school. But lower body focus tends to fix it all.One of my favorite
  11. Great posts here.It’s amazing how we all have different feels or intentions in this game.I’ve basically been taught a high hook/draw swing the past few seasons.For older guys knowing the face is already squared without doing it makes it a bunch easier.But if I get lackadaisical it is left.But on 3/4 courses I play.. left isn’t that bad.The rights are a killer.
  12. It sounds like you have some major swing fixes.You took lessons but kinda gave up on them.You need to go in with the mindset that you might get a little worse before you can get better.I would at least give the changes a few months not a lesson here or there and I quit. Secondly, work hard on 150 yard and in.We have a few guys in my groups locally that hit very short.But can putt and chip with the best of them
  13. Would add Thx 1138, Soylent green, and omega man. but would have to say 2001 space odyssey and Aliens set the tone for many a sci fi movie. And the radio version of the war of the worlds
  14. Never saw primer. great list of movies so far.Would be a perfect binge fest watching those
  15. Well said Ricky as usual.Spot on..I’ve always been in the camp that without a ball it doesn’t count.If he pursues a practice swing look.He will be in for many disappointments to come.
  16. I would say he is heading down a bad rabbit hole with this. What you think ? reminds me of this one
  17. Here is mine.The list of sci fi movies that started it all 1) War of the Worlds 2) 2001 a space odyssey 3) Alien let’s hear yours
  18. HITT training. With running in between sets.Will lose a bunch of weight.But flexibility to last a life time
  19. One more visit to the tour striker academy this spring.And keep on working on what I was taught.Treat each hole I play as a new opportunity and learning experience.
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