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  1. I guess the other question i have is why is one forced to play a public course? Why can’t one play where they want if they can. It’s just an open field smacking a white ball around for gosh sakes. It’s like one is just categorizing blue collars , or bottom dwellers to lowly goat ranch public links. Where the upper echelons are behind their rod iron gate courses. So if one can pay$ they can play em. But no guarantees that the inmates in the asylum will play nice This world is really in some dire straights
  2. They don’t realize when things break down. My buddy is the guy you call to fix it. And then they have to tolerate him for hours or days in their homes. Like he has to tolerate them on “ their” golf courses. If any doesn’t think a big divide doesn’t exist. Than we are more blind (me included) than we think for sure
  3. Just want to add. My buddy has a heart of gold. He is just a blue collar, quiet, hard working family man. He was a weekend golf warrior for many years. He told me so many times how he would never felt like he fit into the true die hard golf community. Mostly comments about his old pickup truck he still drives. Too outdated clubs and golf attire. And just the looks from people can offset many in this game and make a 4-5 hour round absolutely miserable for him and others. Personally I think this is still the great divide that keeps many away from this great game. When the above poster said seek therapy ? I would say you are most likely the arrogant one who would belittle others of the blue collar groups who feel like they don’t fit in. Or don’t belong at your club and should only play the goat ranch munis. Your comment is a prime example of this divide that i thought was diminishing but truly still exists. Some think they actually own the course. Being a member at a country club or high end public course doesn’t entirely mean “you” own the course all to yourself. It was just an unfortunate day. For some it is hard to block things like this out. The group in question may have felt like they did nothing wrong. Sadly this is normal behavior for so many. I guess he does need thicker skin. Really depressing one needs that just to hit a damn white ball around an open field. I’m going to try this one more time at a 18 hole executive course we have that has little to no play. It hurt me as much as it did him
  4. Just bad luck. He actually started getting the big again last year. And was going to the range regularly and hitting it pretty decent. I tried… he is somehow so stigmatized by his perceptions of how golfers used to be. Or how they are perceived by him. He is more a nascar, fishing type of guy. If that sums up his demeanor. For some reason he doesn’t feel like he fits in with the sport
  5. It was such bad luck. And if all could go wrong it did on this day. The course was packed, if I could I would’ve had the other two some go ahead. it was a medium scale public course. And my next attempt will be a small executive course we have in the area. He so so stigmatized by his ideology of golfers in general. It’s hard to explain to him times have changed
  6. Took my buddy out for his first round in easily a decade. He had some bad experiences with golfers in general. For some reason he was feeling the game was turning more into a stuffy rich man’s sport. And felt like he just never could fit in with the golfing crowd. So fast forward to a week ago. And I convinced him it will be just fine. The game is more open to every diversity of individuals now We head to the first tee and they match us with two businessman with the biggest egos on this side of the planet. Both were immediately saying how well to do they are. They asked my friend what he does for a living and he told him he is a carpenter. They immediately treat him like an outcast. Sadly , he took his clubs off the cart after the 5 th hole and left. How do I get him out again ? This golf snooty stigma holds strong with him and golf. It really bothers him
  7. This is an interesting response. And I concur. I think I play my best with a one plane style of a swing. As the more speed I add the tighter it feels. Which would be more of a pushing feel thru impact. Where the handle feels like it is accelerating first before the clubhead Now when I practice, and my swing speed drops down to half. And I’m focusing mainly on ball to face contact..versus results. Than I have a true two plane loopy action going on. As I’m sure many of you all do. And it is more of a pushing feel and flippy at Impact. that is just my follow up to your post. And it does make sense. When we add speed the circle becomes more one versus a two plane loopy loop
  8. All great replies. I do concur that this is a feel i have. And maybe one day I can figure how to film my swing and post it here. So my pull might be a push feel .. and my push feel might indeed be a pull. But I do feel as I play my best when my hands are turning opposite of each other In transition. As odd as this sounds. They are turning away from each other versus ringing out a towel feeling Now that is a great video
  9. I should’ve also mentioned that in transition in the Downswing into the finish. My feel is a pushing with the left hand and an opening of the club with the right hand. So I’m pushing towards the target with my left lead hand. But my right back wrist is pulling back the club face keeping it square or even a slightly open feel anyone have this feeling? Or different ?
  10. Does the transition feel for you become a push , pull; or both push and pull? Not sure where I read it. But it was a long debate on this topic. or is it certain areas of the transition feel like one or the other at different junctures of the swing ?
  11. Really reminds me of infomercials that pop up on the golf channel after hours. More importantly (and out of curiosity), has anyone ever bought any of those products from the infomercials?
  12. Really started hitting the pull-up bar extensively in my workouts. That one exercise alone really has so many positives one can use from it. My best was 18 straight with good form and tempo. Really a mind over matter thing as well. Very euphoric type of feeling
  13. The one thing I love about the mandalorian and boba fett. Is the great artwork in the ending credits. The music and the pics are so soothing
  14. Bingo. Maybe that is why I’ve been able to break 80 most of my rounds and hardly play (wish I could play more :() . I was taught at a very early age clubface control. Especially at impact. My swing may look horrendous if I ever filmed it ( only saw it once in the early 1990’s). But I can honestly say Ricky… at hip high transition and into the follow thru I feel very little flipping or snapping. This is when im really on. When I lose that feeling is when things go a little haywire at times. And I go back to my basic drills I was taught as a youth back in the mid 1980’s. and as s side note. I really like Monte and his videos. He truly focuses more on our amateur games and spends less time analyzing what the top players in the world do. Hard to compare a handicap golfer to DJ’s ability and work ethic . It isn’t even a fair comparison
  15. People can really go over the deep end with this stuff. If not careful. There is a reason why people cast and early extend. For many that is the only way they can advance the ball. Adding in this other stuff without fixing the root problems could be disastrous. I wonder how many have permanently ruined their golf games from overdoing some of this readily available info ? Or how many have gone so far of even quitting this great game because of it
  16. I would be worried about people emulating this who are over the top steep golfers. With an in grained move like that. The excessive closed face would be a disaster. But again .. I wonder if the body would adapt and produce a nice inside out swing with a draw over time? Knowing it has to make these compensations to keep it in play
  17. I have to really try this when all the snow melts. So basically he is pressuring the shaft with a closed counter winding pressure the entire swing? His positions in slow motion are text book. Maybe the best I’ve ever saw of any tour play past or present. But for the common folk like me. I would honestly be afraid of hooking it off the planet.
  18. So with that closed of a face at the top. DJ, has to rotate his body open like crazy In the transition. Which will give him an open face feeling. Being that closed would be a disaster for people who have little body rotation. Some may never be able to emulate that in a million years
  19. I know guys who are extremely steep. That can flat out annihilate a golf ball. So this steep vs shallow stuff is kinda mush to me. But I’m sure Montez and the guys I know who do so well in our state and local events have perfect impact
  20. That was a good video. As it comes to holding lag. I would personally think it would require the most nimble; strongest of strongest golfers alive. No way one can hold off the forces of releasing at club at 100 plus miles an hour
  21. Seems like even the smallest changes in our physical swing makeup… for us amateur golfers would be a monumental win. I guess if I had to pick a current instructor too follow. I would pick the one who had the most success with high handicap players. That would be the one who you know could handle the biggest of swing issues and make adjustments that were needed. Those overhauls for guys who really struggled are the ones I enjoy watching and following
  22. This is for Ricky, Russ, or Wildman. It appears as if the pro players swing all has this lag and pretty angles. They can’t fake it in any way. That is their swing that we all idolize at one time or another;However, the amateur swings are the ones who may be faking this stuff? Do they pick their best swings out of hundreds filmed in slow motion showing they can do lag? So they have two swings. A video camera swing. And their actual on course swing Also, if during these lessons with pros. Out of many swings of them on the practice range during the lesson. The pro may pick one and say “ that is it “ you got it. But what about the others hundreds of swings where he didn’t have it during the lesson? And how can an amateur who has a family or full time job emulate that one swing he did correctly with the teaching pro? I’m positive the advice in question they received will help. I’m thinking these technical posts of lag and pretty tour angles would decade possibly a few decades for us amateurs to show in our on course golf swings. I guess the old adage “sometimes one has to take two steps backwards to go one step forward”. Slow motion drills I guess would help. But what happens when you try and even add some speed? I’m pretty sure the old on course swing shows back up again
  23. So the guys who have or create lag are the ones who bow their wrists in the swing? So their release style would be drive holding? I often wonder how Ben Hogan had all that lag with his cupping action he had
  24. I kinda enjoy the short to the point videos on YouTube. Some of the long ones are like watching a mini movie. But I guess they are really trying to drive their teachings home. Now I really want to play golf again and try some of this stuff. Stinks my last round was in late July. And with the snow on the ground I won’t play until May again. (Warm Weather Golfer Only here guys). If I’m not wearing a short sleeve golf shirt and shorts. Than I’m not out on the links
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