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  1. I've Literally written Vessel asking them to make a tweak to their bags as to adapt to a push pull electric cart. No avail. The only ones ive seen close are the Titleist Hybrid 5 and 14, as well as the Srixon z ( Might work ) and even some of the Big MAX offerings work but are euro market. These are still Way to big and clumsy to really carry on a daily basis. They just need to provide a slot at the base to accept the cart mount and to lower the stand mechanism a few inches to provide a collar rest. Easy ! Guess they want us to be buying many many Bags ???lol
  2. Looking for a Real Hybrid Stand bag... criteria 4.5 lbs 14 way double strap ( removable ) ( interchangeable to single ) must mount properly on push pull electric trolley cart ive searched high and low but i cant find anything. whats our there?
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