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  1. Well it was a carbon copy of last time I was there. At least we got in a bit early to shop and walk most of the back nine before getting the hook. Hope you were able to enjoy your time. Sounds like you should get another chance at tickets if you were the one that got them this time around.
  2. Looking wet for sure Tuesday, now we just have to hope there is no lightning.
  3. I'll be there the 5th as well and right now the weather is looking pretty good. I last was there in 2017 for a Monday practice round and they booted everyone off the course around noon for the rest of the day due to lightning. It was very disappointing. Enjoy your day RobotDoc.
  4. Sand Valley is a bit out of the way for sure so if you can stay in the area or on site that is probably ideal. Early last May I got out and played both courses same day with some buddies after driving up from SE Wisconsin. Definitely a LONG day and a LONG walk. We all did it pushing our own clubs. Played Mammoth first and if I had to choose I'd probably do it that way again as the fairways are very generous and a fun layout. Sand Valley was the more challenging of the two in my opinion. We had some issues with pace of play but no issues with the condition of the courses. A lot of fun and very fair. Pretty hard to lose balls out there. Didn't get a chance to take on the par 3 as we just didn't have the time unfortunately. If you have a chance to stay on site, that would appear to be the best scenario. Nice bar and farm to table restaurant on site and the food stand at the tee and turn on the Sand Valley course is very good. I believe they also have food trucks out there when the season is in full swing.
  5. I tee my ball pretty high and was breaking 3 or 4 a round when using cheaper models. I bought like 4 boxes of these and they hold up really well. I also saw them being sold at Dicks. I believe I had to buy in bulk to make it worthwhile online. They will still break but for me I'd say 1 or maybe 2 a round max.
  6. 2021 accomplishments included logging in 54 rounds, averaging under 30 putts a round and averaging 52% for sand saves. I wanted to shoot in the 60s but only broke par twice with a 71 and a 70. During the round for the 70 I doubled #12 and then reeled off 4 straight birdies to bounce back. I made three eagles during the season, two on a par 5 and one holing out from the fairway. Unfortunately I wrapped my season up by mid September as my body was kind of giving out on me as I walked all my rounds with a push cart. 2022 goals would be to play more golf, hopefully 70 rounds or more. I'd like to get that putting average down under 29, keep the sand saves above 50% and get my scrambling percentage from 56% up above 60%. I'd like to shoot in the 60s at least 3x. I'm in the process of losing some weight and trying to get in better shape and stronger to gain a bit of yardage. Not sure if I will get a membership with a cart or not. I enjoy walking but the cart might help me. I am usually first out at sun up and it might save me some time playing, although I really enjoy walking. 2021 was a really good year for me and got the handicap to about a 2. I'd love to try to get it under 1 but that is going to take some more work on and around the greens.
  7. I keep a set of Mizuno MP-33s at my mothers house in Charlotte and use them when I go to visit. They have the old S400 True Temper shafts on them. I currently play the MP-25 with the KBS C-Taper shafts. Overall, other than a little different feel and a bit less forgiving the irons still hold up well. Certainly within a half club from what I remember from my round this past spring. Thinking of bringing the clubs home and selling them and letting someone else that may use them more enjoy them. Using them once or maybe twice a year seems a bit selfish, even if they are my favorites of all time. ha ha
  8. I've had a few over the years and they have held up relatively well. Not sure I have had one for a 460cc head yet.
  9. Just joined and obviously the season is over now but might be interested in 2022.
  10. It's been an enjoyable place to play over the years. Usually play Blue on Saturday and White on Sunday. Don't think I got out to the Red nine at all this year. Made it over to Pets a handful of times which is kind of fun for a change of pace. The greens out there are a bit ridiculous. They had some kind of disease on the fairways two seasons ago and they made great strides this year getting those back. Greens are always in pretty good shape other than fixing 3-4 ball marks on every green but that goes for almost every public course unfortunately. For the price it is really tough to beat. Usually done golfing by around 9am which is also tough to beat, and that is walking. My guess is if I use a cart next year I'll be able to shave another 30 minutes off. ha ha
  11. Did this end up selling? I have a Coronado and a Del Mar Cali and was thinking about trying to get one of each style in that line. This looks nice.
  12. Driver and hybrid -- TaylorMade 3W -- old Callaway, might be due for an upgrade but the XHot is a beast iron set - Mizuno long iron, wedges and putter -- Titleist Love mixing the bag up and I have other clubs on the bench like PING putters, Callaway drivers, back up set of Mizuno irons, etc... Growing up seemed like everything really needed to be matched up so it is great to see what everyone likes and that many of the pros are not locked down to play a full bag per a contract.
  13. Hello there, decided to take the plunge and hopefully talk a little golf. I live in Kenosha, WI and have a membership to the county courses here. That allows me access to 3 eighteen hole tracks and a 9 holer. I generally like to get out when the sun comes up and try to get in at least 60 rounds a year. I'm 45 and have been playing for almost 40 of those years. Been a walker for most of my days, but last year really took a toll on me and considering getting a pass with a cart this year and just walking occasionally. I try to take a bucket list trip once a year. This past year I played both Sand Valley courses the same day in the spring which was a pretty cool experience and also made it to Streamsong in FL for a round. I am kind of a nerd for gear although I have finally cobbled a set together that I really like. I am partial to Mizuno irons, Vokey wedges and Scotty putters. Looking forward to hearing about other courses that people recommend, gear they are playing and maybe even meeting up for a round sometime if nearby.
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