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  1. Just as a follow up. Talked with person with authority and we reached a totally agreeable result. I am now back in the camp of really enjoy using the MGI Navigator. Except , unlike some, my handicap hasn’t gone down.
  2. . Sounds like a perfect fix and easily understandable (not sure about the wiring part) and easy to do by a person with a fixable mind like yours, unfortunately, I’m at the opposite end of fixable guy. I’ll certainly consider it though. I’m probably not going to get any relief from MGI, but that doesn’t mean I’ll stop letting every person(and business involved with MGI worldwide)I can, of the poor quality of that shaft before I’m done. Update, Tom Roy, “Global Service Coordinator”, explained that even though some people will get that shaft free of charge from breaking the exact same way, and overnighted the replacement part, mine was almost a year old and therefore doesn’t qualify, so he’s adamant about MGI only offering a 20% discount. Thank you for the suggestion!
  3. Thanks, I picked the broken cart up from the local retailer that thought it would be covered too,(they carry the MGI line now) Wide World of Golf in Spokane (they are also in Boise) and visited with mgr, nice guy, and he was surprised too and let both stores know to be very careful when explaining the fragility of this main shaft. Unfortunately I purchased this MGI ZIP NAVIGATOR in December 2020 and they never picked up the line until 2021. If I had purchased it from them, he said they would have covered the repair no matter what. They’ve been in Spokane for over 25 yrs and they’ve proven this type of service. Unfortunately The “ Global Service Coordinator for MGI” merely offered a 20% on the part. Don’t know who else with authority to contact regarding the issue.
  4. My mistake, it was $175 total and that included $10 shipping (no, they never offered it for free). Regarding the fifth rear wheel, no, I had forgotten to pull it out. Yes, my mistake. Having said that, having secured the equipment, it is an easy operational thing to forget. I’d done it a few times before (to my embarrassment), but simply put it back upright, pulled out the fifth wheel and away I went. This happened approximately 3 times in 9 months (30 rounds). I was shocked that it snapped completely in 2. My initial thought was product defect. The “Global Service Coordinator for MGI”, Tom ) and Nevada service rep Joanna Tapia, both assured me it was not a defect and that it’s not under warranty. However, Tom very graciously offered me a 20% discount on parts (no sarcasm emoji available). On another forum, the exact same thing happened to another customer with the exact same cart, and the part was shipped next day for Free.
  5. I was golfing about 2 weeks ago. I was heading to the 2nd tee box and my Navigator was about 20 feet away from me going up the mound to get to the top of the box. It started to tip over and I couldn’t get there in time to catch it. This has happened about 3 times before. I’ve played maybe 30 times with it. I went to pick it up and it was in 2 pieces. I walked it back to the car and rented a push cart thinking this would be covered under warranty. I brought it to the local retailer and they said they would take care of it. I was told by MGI rep in Las Vegas that they have never had this happen, it is not a defect and wouldn’t be covered by warranty. I’m guessing the didn’t believe me and it didn’t happen the way I described. They gave me the cost to replace it and a YouTube video instructions. $175 plus $10 shipping. Thoughts?
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