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    Something better than what I have lol. I'm a beginner and I have a golf in a bag set. So I have a cheap putter. So Something that will give better control etc for me when on the green.
  2. Jay412


    Hi All, Was looking at these 2 putters and wanted to know thoughts and suggestions Odyssey tri ball srt Cleveland tfi1.0 2135 Which is better and what has your experiences been with these putters? Thank you
  3. Hello all I am seeking a LH irons set, if you have hybrid amd putter that works too. Seeking something fairly new at least 2012 or newer. I currently have a golf in the bag callaway strata set and want something more quality.
  4. Jay412


    To narrow it down. I was thinking the Nike Slingshot HL or Taylormade 2.0 burner irons. As far as better. Better quality, build, forgiveness, distance. To help. I know it's mostly the golfer and not the clubs per se but looking for that small upgrade.
  5. Jay412


    I've been looking on ebay, FB marketplace and offerup. Range for a iron set under $250. Just would like something better than my callaway strata golf in the box set
  6. Jay412


    More context. I am high handicapper. The current set I have is a callaway strata set in a box. I would like something with better technology amd something that is more forgiving
  7. Jay412


    Hello all I am in the market for some irons. The ones that are near me us what I'm considering. Wanted to know anyones experience and suggestions. Callaway Razr X NIKE SLINGSHOT HL Titleist 775 CB Adams CB2 Forged Irons IDEA Thank you in advance
  8. Hello All, I am in the market for a new Driver. I was looking at the speedzone xtreme, mavrik max, epic flash, radspeed xd, pingg410 and titleist TS3. I am a beginner, I slice the ball, top it at time etc. I am LH. So I can't go try out alot of these. Wanted to get everyone's experience, advice etc. Looking for distance and forgiveness. Any suggestions and advice is appreciated. Thanks
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