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  1. I am not endorsing any products. However, I spent a week in Orlando for the PGA Merchandise Show and thought members might find it interesting to know what some of the "new inventions" were. Company name: What the product does. 360 Only: A magnetic hat clip that holds a divot tool with ball marker Alignment Ball Mark: A ball marker that pushes into the green with dual plastic pegs. You then rotate the arrow to point down your putting line. Ahh Towel: Small "cool" towels packets that are quite cold. Golf Ball Plucker: Extendable golf ball retrieval tool designed for use in your cart during scrambles. I got one that fits in my hip pocket (slightly large) that I use on the green as I have trouble bending over or getting up and down. Golf Fundamentals: Sorry, I never did quite figure it out. Putter Stand: Device attaches to the end of grip to snap out to hold grip off the grass. Kelkin Enterprises: Incinerator Golf Ball, guaranteed not to slice or hook??? Probably can't get any spin either. Lean Lock Putter: Very long putter designed to putt at an angle. Once again, I didn't really quite understand. Runner: Putter with adjustable weights in the putter head. Tetra-Gram P-Putter: Putter. Looks like a blade putter with a mallot head on the "toe" half. Has numbers on the "mallot" side to allow you to adjust distance. Italian. These two guys were a blast. Stance Caddy: Series of attached wooden sticks used to gain proper foot alignment. Very complex. Swing Jim: Weighted Swing Practice Shaft. The Gruv Shoppe: Golf brush to be used on the practice range. Zoom Broom: Electric air broom for removing leaves, etc. They say it will go in your bag, but it seems rather large. XiQ: Fleet Key is a digital key to replace standard keys in golf cart. Kolven the Golf Ball Game: Board game. Liked by about everyone. Precision Marker: Precision Marker/Trainer Combo. Golf marker and trainer; both designed to improve your game through better putting. One thing I saw in the clothing section was: Fitterest-Has golf shoe with valves to let air in and out of shoe. I saw a lot of other things, but that's all for now.
  2. Don't know how to send them. Would love to send them to Lexi, Paula, Stacey, Michelle, Rickie, etc.
  3. Is anyone here going to the PGA show in Orlando? I would love to meet you in person.
  4. Putting is soooo personal. With me, it can change day to day (and I am considered a good putter). I have a very heavy putter head (actually a cut-off belly putter that I just love). Some days I am more comfortable with left-hand low. That stroke tends to be very equal back/forward stroke and I stand rather tall. Other days, I do a modified "pool shooter" stance, right foot forward, standard grip with right index down the shaft, much more bent over. Both have my lead eye over the ball but inside about an inch. I find, for me, left-hand low on slower greens; modified "pool shooter" on quicker greens requiring more "feel'. Just saying.
  5. Is anyone attending the PGA Show in Orlando at the end of January? I will have a booth in the New Inventor Zone and a table in the New Product Zone. Hope to see you there.
  6. What's the best ball for you? The one YOU like the best.
  7. I try and keep it simple. Is my putter face square? Do I feel relaxed? Am I avoiding "grass lag"? When I practice, my first priority is distance. If I get the right distance from 20 feet, but my aim is off three feet I am better off that if my aim is good but my distance is 5 feet long or short. Of course I practice my aiming using a 3 reference point aiming method for putting.
  8. Hi, I am Richard Sweet, Founder of Precision Marker LLC. Several years back, Lexi Thompson lost a tournament because she mismarked her ball after lifting on the putting green. My wife said there should be a better way to mark your ball. We invented a marker that cradles the ball. When you lift the ball, no matter where you place the marker, it has to go back to the exact same location. No thought process needed. We then invented the Precision Trainer to help guys like me that might need help squaring their putter face, putting without grass lag, or learning to hit out of greenside bunkers. Both patented products, the Precision Marker and the Precision Trainer, are designed to provide 3 reference point aiming, shown to improve putting by as much as 18%. Think Callaway Triple Tract Technology; except I had it in 2018. Both have numerous uses, so simple yet so clever. I golf 1-3 times per week at my home course of Compass Pointe in Leland, NC. Like many, I know more about golf than I can execute. I walk with a cane. Due to short distance, I always look to get on a Par 4 in 3 and a Par 5 in 4. Then 2 putt. That's my game and I'm sticking with it. I have a great time. When I can't play golf anymore, I will have to take up knitting or something.
  9. To explain what is in my bag, I would have to start with who I am. I am a 72 year old man who has had major back and neck problems. I walk with a cane and have to play with a handicap flag. (Pain in the ass for an old Infantryman). I went to a club fitter and the 1st thing we found out is my swing speed is about 60mph. The fitter suggested Lady's shafts. We tried it on my Callaway Fusion driver and I loved it. I then purchased a chip and of Lady's Callaway Mavericks with the shaft extended 2" and thicker grips. I am in heaven. I win a lot in hanCheck it out at www.precisionmarker.comdicap tournaments (mine is 25) because I am consistent. Same scores over and over. I will still not be able to get to most par 4's in 2, but I am having a blast. I also chip, do bunker shots, and putt better than most. Of course, that might have something to do with my company; Precision Marker. Check it out at www.precisionmarker.com
  10. I went to a fitter and started with my driver. We quickly found out I make excellent contact but only have a swing speed of 60mph. (72 years old with a couple back surgeries and another needed). The fitter suggested I try Lady's shafts. We re-did the Callaway Fusion driver. I loved the additional 10-15 yards. Ordered a set of Callaway Mavericks in lady's with the shaft extended 2" and thicker grips. I am in heaven; love them. Before you call me a sissie; Tom Watson gave Freddie Couples a 4 wood. He used it all season and loved it. At the end of the season, he accidentally broke the shaft. When he went to get it replaced, they told him it was a lady's shaft. Just info for thought for all you old guys out there.
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