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  1. I'm considering Grindworks PR-202 or Muria IC-601 iron sets, I have price quotes, Muria is appox +$300, which I consider inconsequential given how oftern they will be played. Thoughts?
  2. Beacher

    Ben Hogan

    I just received a VKTR Hybrid, 26 deg, and wow is it sweet, i have one round in with very good results, and may order the 18 deg to replace my titelist after the holidays (wife take note).
  3. I'm considering purchasing Grindworks PR-202 irons, I'm finding little in the area of the reviews or comments. I'm willing to take the purchase risk, but would like to hear constructive thoughts from others. I realize (and agree) Reed's personality is controversial, so please lets set that aside. I'm celebrity branding agnostic. As a former registered skeet (class AA and state champion) shooter, so I know the sporting tool is not everything, abiltiy is foremost and paramount, and having confidence in the tool is everything, and I like the confident look of the PR-202, the wedges too. Currently I'm playing AP3's.
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