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  1. Thanks for the tip! Did I mention it misses gimmes too?
  2. I’ve had mine since the beginning of the season. I have not use the phone detection method, but I can tell you link works fine. It tends to miss tap in putts but I can live with that. In terms of updating the phone with shot data, I’ve always found it to be in sync by the time I get back to the cart.
  3. How often do you hit your 4 iron? Does it fill the spot between your hybrid and 5 iron in the way you would like it to? Is it high enough?
  4. IMO, the biggest change in the iron market today vs 10 years ago is the introduction of follow-body design. Now the technology of creating weight savings and putting in strategic places with tungsten weights, hotter faces, etc are all hidden away from external view. This makes the current set of irons in this category, dam good looking. Biggest change in iron design that's present today vs the past.
  5. Graphite Design Tour AD IZ. Out of 10 or so shafts I tried for my current gamer, Epic Max LS, it was the only one that felt significantly different (in a good way). I did a combined review of all the shafts I tried, here.
  6. Very nice. I abandoned FSX 2020 and FSX Play and hopped on GS Pro band wagon. I'm liking it so far. I'll do a review of it at some point. Here's the second tee box at the "Georgia" country club. Ball physics seems close to Foresight's. Peaks a little lower and curves a little less. Carry #'s were spot on. Good alternative for GC3/BLP owners.
  7. Problem with using a LM at a driving range to dial in your numbers are the balls. Range balls will not have the same launch characteristics as your gamer balls. i.e. your number will be off. You'll be better off using the launch monitor hitting into a net (or indoor range where you can retrieve your balls) using your own balls.
  8. I don't travel for golf much, but I had a chance to play while on a trip to Seattle recently. Obviously, I hadn't brought my clubs since it was an unplanned round. I got to play with a rental set which was a full set of current model Srixon's, CBX2 wedges and Cleveland putter. I didn't care for the huge GI ZX4 irons, but I really like the ZX7 driver. I will definitely put Srixon drivers in the mix next time I look for a driver. I vote for 'no backup set.' If my clubs are lost, I'll play with the rentals. BTW, I'd probably ship the clubs. With the baggage fees for economy flights, it's not much more.
  9. For me, lessons have worked best when they are spread out so that I have a chance to work on a single change at a time. I've had 4 lessons this winter spread out over 5 months. Only worked on setup and backswing changes the whole time. I need a lot of repetition to make any changes to my swing. In particular, if the instructor changes your ball position, grip, posture, etc., it's going feel incredibly strange for quite some time. Weekly lessons are fine of course provided that you are reviewing changes and keep working on a single change or 2 until you feel comfortable. I just can't work on more than a couple things at one time until I'm ready to move on. One of the most important things is that I trust my instructor and believe that the swing changes will make me better and I understand why. For me, if I don't believe in the instructor or the changes, it's time to find a new instructor. Eveyone's pace is different. For example, someone can easily make a takaway change and make it his/her own within weeks. Others, it may take years to make the change. my 2 cents.
  10. Did you end up tweaking the lofts at all? I would love to know how the gapping works out between 6 (790) and 7 (770). I've been entertaining the thought of replacing 8,9,PW,AW of my p790 set with p770s. I've hit them during a demo day and like the look of them a lot. They felt pretty similar to my p790s.
  11. Congratulations! Looking forward to new and exciting contents!
  12. I do 95% of my practice on a launch monitor / mat. It has been invaluable for me in improving my game last 3 years. It has particularly helped me dial in my partial wedge shots. The negative is that it has done a number of my elbow. I believe a better choice of mat would have elevated some of that. I've switched my irons shaft to Steel Fiber and it has helped a lot with elbow issues. I do hear what that poster is saying about bad habits. The particular issue as others have pointed out is that the mats can hide imperfect strikes. In particular, fat shots are not punished and you can end up with decent results where on the course, they would have flown much shorter with chunks of turf possibly flying further. You have to train to recognize the fat shots. Most of the time, you know deep inside as soon as you make contact, but probably choose to ignore the telltale signs - low spin, high launch. Learn to be disgusted when you see those type numbers instead of filing it away as decent misses. Another possible factor is that some may try to pick the ball off the mat instinctively instead of hitting down like they would on grass. Probably afraid to hurt their elbows! If you launch monitor has angle of attack metric, you can recognize that as the case. Softer mat and plenty of padding underneath should help.
  13. Nice review. What swing speed radar do you use? I've using "Swing Speed Radar" by Sports Sensors which I bought with Super Speed sticks. I find it having too many misreads and have gave up on it. (Not on the training). I wish I had instant feedback. I do hit balls daily on a LM, so I've been tracking club speed/ball speed increases that way. Just not during the speed training itself. I would love a reliable swing speed radar.
  14. Some people will swing clubs faster with lighter shafts, just not all. Those who are slower swingers to begin with and find 60g class heavy are more likely to swing lighter shafts faster. Many of us who feel comfortable swinging heavier shaft won't. I know I don't swing lighter shafts any faster based on past trials. There are too many variables. Our brain is wonderful at making subconscious adjustments, so you won't whiff on the ball. If you are given a very light, a very long or very whippy shaft, it will make adjustments so you can make decent contact with the ball. Even if in theory, one should swing lighter clubs faster, for some of us, our brain ain't gonna buy it and make adjustment so the shaft load correctly and you don't hit a snap hook or whatever you might do.
  15. If Watson gets the scores correct, I will have a pretty difficult choice to make. Do I take the blue pill or the red pill?
  16. Strike location above all others for me. I like starting there.
  17. My mistake. I didn't even realize "Toe up" putters even existed. I mistakenly thought the poster was talking about putter that is sitting upright at address. Eager to learn more about what that kind of 'negative' toe hang does. Thanks.
  18. FYI, "Toe Hang" is something completely different. See pic below. I has nothing to do with whether the putter has toe sitting up or not at address. Completely unrelated.
  19. Length and lie angle is more important for irons as for higher lofted clubs, lie angle will affect starting direction of your shots. Upright->left, Flat->right (for right handed golfers). The effect is less for lower lofted clubs such as woods/hybrids. IMHO, if you are happy with the way hybrid and woods sit for you at address, that should be fine. If you feel like the heads are not sitting correctly (e.g. you feel like the heel is off the ground and club feels like it sitting toe down), I think it becomes an issue. You have to feel comfortable at address. For me some woods feel like they are sitting too upright with toe way up, I put it back on the rack.
  20. I try my hardest to keep my mouth shut about other people's games. (unless i'm playing with friends, than all bets are off). I know that my game can go downhill at any point. I don't want to feel stupid about giving some swing/equipment advice and immediately begin to chunk my shots.
  21. I have a four wheel variety and I'm pretty happy with it. I suppose it does provide a little bit more stability. I used 3 wheels previously. I didn't notice issues to maneuverability, but I think I push down on the handle and lift the front wheels a bit to turn. (I had to think about it, but i think that's what I do). It comes naturally w/o thinking. I like to let go of the cart on a hill and let it speed down the hill on its own. Four wheels are definitely more stable for that. Only issue when I let go on a hill is that the cart slices quite a bit not unlike my long irons.
  22. wow, they send you the wrong shaft? White is supposed to be stiffer tip and low launch. It's not the same shaft at all. I assume you were fitted with Tensei blue because you were hitting it well. I would personally take it back.
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