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  1. Get a range finder that has scan mode, and illuminates the info on the screen in red (or whatever other coolers they may have) as this will let your eye behind the rangefinder see the distance info while the other eye with 14 makes sure the scanning laser is on the target. There are plenty of commercially available rangefinders that can be used over the eye while the pvs14 is on the other. I was initially going to purchase ACTinBlack DTNVGs with Harder Gen3 tubes (Approx $13k USD, yep everything non-American is crazy expensive). And use Leica Geovid 3200.com binos in front of them. But I have read mixed reviews that they work/ don't work? Neither Leica nor Terrapin X have night vision mode. So back to the drawing board. Moskito/ MoskitoTi was my next option. Seems like it has everything. Just have to purchase it from Europe, if I can find an authorized dealer. So it's a big gamble for me. Is ITAR an issue if I purchased the Moskito from a USA-based dealer?
  2. I’ve been playing oversized putter grips since the hog mallet… I’ve never had much direction problem, I’ve always had speed problems… Any thoughts on if an oversized grip would help or hurt distance control? Obviously, I’m planning on putting in the time practicing, but I’m wondering if I’m doing myself a disservice by playing a large grip… I’m not sure how to test this concept either.
  3. Same here. I clean my road bike monthly (or every 20 to 25 rides) and a mountain or 'cross bike more often. This is especially important to properly wash your drivetrain, as the parts that keep you in motion suffer greatest from abuse and neglect. A grimy chain makes for sloppy shifting and chews through expensive cassette cogs. Gunked-up chainrings slow you down. Cruddy rims and pads erode your braking surface.
  4. I often cook steak in an air fryer. It creates extra flavor and a delicate texture to truly satisfy everyone in my family! You can make this a scrumptious meal with a Caesar Salad, Garlic Butter Green Beans, and a Perfect Baked Potato or Homemade Sweet Potato Fries. Just try it.
  5. There are many categories of golf balls you can check out this page for pricing and reviews I purchased call way ERC, It gives me both extra distance and good control around the greens. I thoroughly recommend them.
  6. Hello everyone! I'm new in this board. I hope my stay here will be great.
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