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  1. Has anyone used the SuperSpeed Golf training system? Just made the purchase with the Blast Speed Pack. Trying to get from 153-155 drive ball speed to 160 in 2023. Am I being too optimistic? Thanks for any feedback.
  2. The versions that were discounted were from January 2022, maybe sales are slower than they expected and have to clear inventory as you mentioned.
  3. I was surprised to see the new Mizuno STX & STZ drivers discounted down by $150 just a few months after their release. I have the STG 220 and it’s a great driver. I have heard nothing but good things about their drivers so I’m surprised. Any chance they are already updating these versions?
  4. I just purchased the Titleist Players 4 Plus bag. I did look at the Hybrid 14 bag but felt like it was too big for my push cart, the Omada Trilite. The good thing about the plus bag is you get more room at the bottom so your 14 clubs fit nicely (I have Arccos sensors) and has expandable apparel pocket. Not sure which push cart would be a better fit for your hybrid bag.
  5. Hey everyone, not sure if you are using the P3 Putter sensor yet but I have lost 2 over the last two months. I use the Scotty Pistolini Plus grip and it feels snug in there but for some reason they have come loose. I don’t throw my clubs and I have checked the bottom of my bag without success. I have ordered one more and I am going to tape the sensor on to my grip. I have been using the standard Arccos sensors in the rest of my clubs and have not lost a single one. Just frustrating.
  6. Is there a good comparison you would recommend to compare Arccos vs. Shot Scope side by side? My free membership for Arccos stops in January and I have a decision to make. I was fine with $100 per year but $155 just seems too much. My experience has been great with Arccos and I would recommend using the link. Very rarely does the link miss a shot. That being said I would like to avoid a large membership fee that will probably continue to go up over the years.
  7. Just an FYI, I had added the P3 putter sensor to my putter a few weeks back and lost it this past weekend. Not sure if there is an issue with using it in the Pistolini Grip but will be extra careful going forward. I have to retighten the other sensors every so often, I thought I had with the putter also but it got loose somehow.
  8. Always great to see Wilson do well. I have had two previous versions of the AP2’s and just switched to Titleist T100s last year and have been really happy. Took some time to adjust to the increase in distance but the forgiveness and accuracy that I have experienced with T100s irons have been a noticeable improvement over my last AP2’s. Surprised the T100S irons didn’t finish higher is accuracy but every swing is different so these tests are not perfect. I am also surprised about Srixon and Sub70, not sure why they didn’t participate. Never surprised about Mizuno irons finishing at the top.
  9. Quick question everyone, I have the older Arccos link and sometimes it doesn’t capture a shot and I’m wondering if I need to have my phone closer by (I keep my phone in my bag on the cart) or is it a link issue. I always have link on my left side and the mic isn’t covered up. It doesn’t happen all the time but a few times a round so I have a few edits to make after the round. Thanks,
  10. Goals for the year: 1-Reduce handicap from an 8 to a 5 (trusting Arccos to help make it happen) 2-Practice more and have more fun w/ practice time. I don’t want golf work to be a chore 3-Ball speed on my driver from 155 to 160 by year end 4-Enjoy every round, good or bad Also, I live in Chicago and have never been out to the John Deere Classic in the Quad Cities. I plan on seeing the tournament in July and going back later this year to play TPC at Deere Run. It’s going to be a great golf season!
  11. I have had the Mizuno ST-G 220 for a couple of months now and had to work to get the right shaft, Project X HZRDUS Red 60 gram, 6.0 stiff. I love it, very forgiving once I had the weights in the right position with a little more ball speed than my old Titleist 917D. The numbers for my driver in the test looked pretty good, I think with the adjustability aspect with the G driver, it might be tougher to judge during a broad test.
  12. Thanks! I will reach out.
  13. Good morning everyone, I am doing a quick trip to Tampa next weekend for my daughter’s gymnastics meet and I have a small window to play 18 holes. I was looking at TPC Tampa, want to see if anyone has played there and he see if it’s worth the extra money. Any feedback would be great. Thanks!
  14. Thanks, I feel the same way. I know this is me being picky but I just don’t like the look of 14 individual slots. I like to be organized but not that organized with my clubs.
  15. Really like the Titleist Hybrid stand bag but not sure on the 14 individual club separators. Any feedback on individual slots vs. 4 large dividers?
  16. The drive on 17 was not that bad of shot. He hit a 2 hybrid 325 yards(crazy long), bad break for sure. A lot of talent, he should be a winner on the tour soon.
  17. I was at the indoor bay at Golf Galaxy today and rotated between the Tour CG and Pro V1. There was very little difference in spin, carry, total distance, and ball speed. I would rather spend $30 than $50 for golf balls. Need to test in course conditions this spring but I like what I see so far.
  18. Thanks guys, this is really helpful. I love my bag and didn’t want change. I will check out the Arccos users group link. Spring can’t come soon enough!
  19. Good morning everyone! I am new to this site so I apologize if this is a topic that has been discussed. I just purchased Arccos to improve my shot data collection but I have a question. I have a light carry bag and getting 14 clubs in there is tough, very tight fit. Should I be concerned about the club sensors coming loose over time because there isn’t much room? Would I be better off getting a hybrid stand bag that has more room at the bottom of the bag? Thanks for any guidance you can provide! Dennis
  20. I upgrade every 4-5 years. I feel the technology over that timeframe really bumps up especially on forgiveness and adjustability. I just switched from a Titleist 917D2 to a Mizuno ST-G220 primarily for the adjustability of the weight combinations. So far so good, I also picked up a little ball speed.
  21. If they are Scotty Cameron putters, you can use the Scotty Cameron Custom Shop, they offer refurbish services. Not sure on the cost though. I had my Fastback 1.5 customized and they did a great job. The turnaround time was 4 weeks.
  22. I never thought much about my shafts until recently. I upgraded my driver to Mizuno ST-G 220 with a Fujikura Motore F3 6 Stiff, I really like the ball flight and tighter dispersion so far vs. my old Titleist. It’s made me think about my current shafts on my other clubs and wondering if I am playing with the right shafts, especially my wedges. Right now I have True Temper Gold S300 but intrigued by graphite options.
  23. I am really happy with my Scotty Cameron Fastback 1.5 but I’ve tried out the Mizuno M Craft V with 8 gram weights and have been impressed. The head is a little small but the the feel is nice and I like how the ball comes off the face. Not ready for a change yet but will be demo-ing this putter in the spring when the weather gets nicer.
  24. Just reading all the comments on the Maxfli Tour X and how it scored in the MGS ball test plus the price I don’t know how you can’t at least try the ball. $60 for two dozen is just too hard to pass up.
  25. Thanks for the help on the logos, easier to identify what everyone is currently using on the course.
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