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  1. Played the back 9 and shot 44 having not picked up a club for 6 weeks. 5 pars and 4 doubles.... So yeah, im none the wiser. 5.30 tee offs are always great though with everyone hanging around waiting for the sun to rise!
  2. I have a rather large supply of FG Tour cosmetic blems that I've been playing for years. Probably around 4-5 dozen left and they cost me 120bucks a dozen - which translated into US is around 7-8 dollars. Will figure out what to do in a couple years when i run out
  3. I'm definitely going to do this more often, thanks. I use the range bucket on the chipping green almost as a "warm up" before i start taking full swings.
  4. Nope, everyone is happy to keep their distance at the moment. Chipping green is pretty quiet in the evenings. With today being the first day of school - i would have thought the rest of the parents would be thinking like me!
  5. Spent an hour this evening going from this To this Weather was great so finished with around 30 drivers. No luck in getting rid of the 2 way miss, golf Gods are not with me at the moment.
  6. 47/44 for a 91 on Saturday. Went from hitting gentle fades 4 days earlier to pull hooks in the first 7 holes. Couldn't get comfortable with my wedges all round but am chalking that up to the persistent rain we were up against. Most importantly, one birdie and zero 3 putts!
  7. Tom is on the money. I have one as well, pretty sure it was called the Cleat Ripper at some point. Once you get the spike out, a small amount of petroleum jelly on the threads when you fasten the new ones in will go a long way to saving you the headache at removal time.
  8. +1 for the primary. I would think the only way a "backup" set would work is if they were an exact replica of your gamers - heads, shafts and grips. The last thing you want is getting back home only to find your distance, shot shape etc slightly off because of the adjustment to the travel set
  9. Amrish777

    sky mark

    Scuffs are usually just in the clear/epoxy coat. So any decent light cutting compound or polish will get rid of it. Megs ultimate polish appears to have good success, can't comment on the linked product though. just remember to test a small inconspicuous area before you go all out with it
  10. 2021 was the first year that i actually managed to play at least once a month. I plan on keeping that going, as a minimum. The regularity also helped me sort out my driver - fairway golf is so much better! Have also committed to adding in putting practice into my routine, Puttout mat and trainer are really helping there already. Big one for 2022 is to get my kids to the course, they have asked so now im going to make the effort.
  11. I've got an 8 year old who has really taken to the game so I've promised myself that i will try my best to teach her, without the pressure etc, just to show her how enjoyable it can be. Plan on playing a couple holes every Friday evening (homework permitting!)
  12. Living vicariously through others i think it's called. He will thank you when he starts playing that milled, buttery goodness. Blue ion?
  13. Ditto. I hava 2 sets of Mizuno r12's that i intend playing for the next couple years at least. But im always keen to see how the vokeys feel
  14. Agree @russtopherb, the resemblance is uncanny. Those hosel notches are another thing i cant look down and see on every shot
  15. Stopped by the pro shop on the way home from my round today. Picked up this r11s in very good condition - still not a fan of the white but i have always gotten along very well with the head /stock shaft combo.Also grabbed this chipping net - which is a sign of what needs work after today...
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