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  1. I just noticed on The Grint, that Patty Jewitt and Cherokee Ridge are both higher ranked than Pine Creek. Just curious why that might be? Both are about half of Pine Creek's green fees so I would assume PC was the better course. I know they have a better practice facility. I have not played PC since I started back in the game, last time I played it was maybe 8 yrs ago. Back then it was a very nice albeit challenging course. Has it the quality gone down hill but the price remained high? I know this thread will not be a hot topic;-)
  2. I am looking for a club fitter in or around Colorado Springs, CO, but not sure how to know who is good vs just has good marketing. The places that do indoor/outdoor advertise the outdoor benefit as being able to see the actual flight path of the ball, and not just the virtual approximation. I've never used any of the virtual setups so I have no clue. I have a local GolfTec who charges $125/club type. They obviously are 100% indoor. There is a local club that says they have been doing fittings since 1977, looking at their site, the original owner is the head fitter and has been since '77. They charge $125 for a 2 hr session and say up to 200 balls will be hit in that time. They use a dynamic-DNA device, whatever that is, but they are setup outdoors, weather permitting. If you buy clubs from them the fitting is free. I may have bought a set of Taylor Made irons from them in '00. There is a place in Denver, about an hr away. They also charge $125, no specifics on length for the session but they use the Trackman and are setup for indoor and outdoor. There is the PGA Tour Store, also in Denver. I did not read their small print but it looks like fittings are free of charge. Pretty sure this is indoor only. I can give the names of the 2 smaller places if that is applicable/necessary. Anyway, any advise on how to find the "right" fitter would be appreciated.
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