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  1. Thanks and interesting. I play golf in two locations, Melbourne and Tasmania. Different bags so testing balls takes a little longer even if the set ups of the bag are the same. I played rounds and did a bit of practice with the CS, CSX, TP5, TP5X and the. Bridgestone B XS. CSX and TP5X were the better options. I then tried the Srixon Z Star and have stopped testing. It’s longer, better tee to green and does everything I look for around the green. Will see how that goes for the rest of the year and whether the one ball only consistency results proves right.
  2. Thanks, I’m a good club longer with CS and around 20 yards longer with driver. Ive made it hard for myself by preferring a patterned ball, just walking to it and seeing it early before the next shot etc. I know that makes little sense, but golf…. Question I do have is x balls, is that really swing speed related or are us weekend hacks actually better off, or no worse off, playing something like a TP5X? Not sure about swing speed, my driver averages around 240, my 7 iron is my 150 yard club.
  3. Average player, 16 handicap with a driver going around 220 metres. Been playing Chrome Soft Travis but have been trialling TP5 pix. I like the TP5 better around the green but there is a noticeable difference in distance on irons, at least a club. I assume it is added spin but keen to know if others have found similar? The difference is more obvious with the new CS.
  4. Saw the Rick Shiels interview before reading the MGS comment. I am new to MSG, comments like this take away the independence appeal that attracted me in the first place. I understand a crack at 2m subscribers, have also seen the TXG Stealth review and the conclusion it would not be much better than last year's models. Surely as an industry we can do better than regenerating marketing hype? Stealth, in Australia is $300-400 more expensive than last year's models at circa $1,100. Does it have the extra value? What are the real brand value propositions when last year's purchases are discarded as inferior every time these companies promote a new "shiny toy" - golf is one of the worst at this IMO.
  5. Played 9 holes today with the 2022 CS. Have played the CS almost exclusively for the last year, tried the ProV1 but there is no obvious difference to my game and Ive enjoyed the Truvis red/white. The new ball is good, hard to pick up many differences but I thought I saw a lower flight and longer iron distance with balls hitting the back of the green on two par 3s. It may be a touch longer with driver but hard to tell from only a few shots. I pick a ball for putting and chipping. Feel, spin and check was as good as before. The new CS will be on the tee for a comp round this weekend.
  6. LOL and thanks. Hard to see me stop changing. The BB1F is 36", which is throwing me more than I thought. Everything else is 35". I stand at 6ft4. Sight lines are the other changeable!
  7. New here, almost looking for validation. Putter apart my bag is relatively constant and it has no doubt helped get my handicap down even if still a weekend hack! Prefer blades, have tried just about everything. I have a new BB1F, a Spider X, a Nike Method 001 and a rare Odyssey metal x milled 6 with no sight line. All are mint, yet I putt best with the milled 8802. No lines, lovely feel, better distance control and confidence. Yet every 3-4 games I change because its part of the fun! Anyone else do the same?
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