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  1. Mati Manta, one of my playing partners asked “that thing got GPS?”
  2. Mostly for the best of series. Primarily interested in what works for 85-90mph swing speeds. My driver and my golf ball choice both came from MGS testing. Of course, there have been plenty of things that I would love to be a tester on. However, I think I burned up all of my golf gear testing luck about 10 years ago. First, I won a year's supply of Srixon golf balls, (their idea of a year's supply and mine were two different numbers. Their idea was three dozen) Then I won a Cleveland 7 iron and a TaylorMade 6 iron all in the same year. My golf buddies were really pissed that I won golf balls and two irons from three different companies. So, while I would love to test something for MGS I realize that the gods of golf have already favored me. Now if they would just favor me on the golf course.
  3. Congratulations. Very interested in the Paradym. Looking for this testing to help me decide whether to buy one now or wait two years for the price drop……like I normally do.
  4. Congratulations. I will be following this testing.
  5. I’ve stocked up on Vice Pro + Neon green for the season. Started playing them based on MGS testing for slow swing speeds. They work for me. 66 with an 85 mph swing speed.
  6. At 65 I can't swing like I use to and the Hiskei Wave regular flex shaft works for me.
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