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  1. Hello, I recently came back from a lengthy hiatus and started playing again. I’m currently gaming older clubs I played in high school 15 years ago. I am playing an old Taylormade R7 quad that, on paper, is entirely wrong for me. I’m a high swing speed (115mph) high ball hitter and it has a stock reg shaft and 10.5* loft. I actually hit it really well with a nice baby fade but I feel like I’m losing distance by hitting it so high and also losing forgiveness playing a smaller, 15 year old driver. I’ve recently picked up a Taylormade M5 and a cobra Radspeed and started hitting massive 75 yard slices. I can’t keep the ball on the planet until I go back to my old Taylormade, even after adjusting to a draw setting. Both drivers were bought used with aftermarket shafts. My question is, has anyone experienced this going from older to more modern drivers? Can shafts make that big of a difference? I’m wondering if playing such a weak shaft has helped close the face for me and straightened out my shot. Fwiw, I hit all my clubs with a baby fade, I don’t slice any of them. Thanks, Jake
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