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  1. @Tyler86 Just wondering where you found the C130s? I haven't had any luck locating one to date. On the C130s does the stand mechanism interfere with the push cart? The pics I found doesn't really show the mechanism so can't see if it is the same as the SM 4.5LS bag
  2. Correct. Take a look at the Q&A under BR-DX on the Mizuno site. I posted the question there so it came directly from the source. Not sure why they did that as it has so many great features. Misleading they way they state it on the site. I'm guessing the BR-D4C is the same as the DX
  3. Thanks. Didn't realize they made the C130 with a stand. Think I'll go for this or the Titleist Hybrid 14 as I like the option of the stand and 95% of the time put on a push cart. Wish they had some more colour options.
  4. Got confirmation from Mizuno that it only has 6 full length dividers with the 14 way top. Very misleading in the write up.
  5. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with this bag? Can't find much online or any real detailed reviews. Looking for a 14 way hybrid that will mainly be used on a push cart/trolley. Like some of the features it has over the Titleist with the cooler pocket, magnetic close, etc. Think it's only a 9.5" top though so not sure how well it works getting clubs in and out.
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