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  1. We actually hired out after talking to a neighbor about the woes of getting it wrong. He had many experiences with hot tires peeling consumer-grade* finishes up and found a local company that makes their own product in house. They spent about 3 hours shot-blasting the floor before putting the initial material down. Then chips, a top clear coat, and 5 hours later, they were done. The stuff was so potent that the small amount of fumes that made it through the cracks in the door to the garage woke us up in the middle of the night. Absolutely unreal, but it feels like it will stand the test of time.
  2. Been on a hiatus from the forum as we’ve been taking care of some things around the house and with our family. As things settle back down, I want to share some of the updates and improvements! First up, the results from refinishing the garage floor (and future golf sim location):
  3. My wife does not appreciate when I refer to her fanny pack as a "butt purse." I'm still hoping that the term catches on!
  4. Looks like I have a guaranteed 4 as well. Guess I’m rooting for Cam Davis and you’re rooting for Si Woo Kim at least for separation between the two of us!
  5. Welp, I am about as surprised as anyone to see my name at the top at the end of day 3. Good luck to @Ben_Howell34, @Vegan_Golfer_PNW, and the inevitable dark horse among the field to win tomorrow .
  6. I’ve been accumulating gift cards and rewards points at various golf stores. Lately I’ve been cashing them in in preparation for a ball fitting project / simulator build for winter garage play. Here’s the current stash that will be going up against a variety of Maxfli balls. TBD on additional ball purchases but it’s a start!
  7. Picked up a box of pure white Pro Plus balls at target this weekend for a planned DIY ball-fitting project. If anyone is looking for the black or gold versions (both sold out online), they're at least still in stock at my target. I'd have to imagine they were restocked or people just tend to not go to target for golf balls . They also had the Drive balls but no Pro's, Tour's, or any of their other types.
  8. I suspected some might have some wide ranges in their bags but C5 to E0 is nuts! What club(s) are your most reliable? Any preferred weight?
  9. How about a pre-owned Sub 70 Sycamore putter? https://www.golfsub70.com/sub-70-pre-owned-sycamore-007-blade-putter.html Edit: well for the first time ever, something I like is only available for lefty’s. Pretty sure this is this first sign of the apocalypse! Sorry about that
  10. Obligatory links to HQ posts on their experiences in 2022 with the driver and 2021 with the 7i. There's also a similar thread over in the training aid sub-forum that might give you the insight you're looking for: I don't have a lagshot personally but I did pick up an orange whip at a second-hand store. If I had found a lagshot, I would have bought that instead. At worst, I think it's a good warmup gadget. At best, maybe it gives you a silky smooth tempo! I'm a proud gadget fiend so I'm probably not the best person to offer practical purchasing advice though.
  11. That is an amazing tat, and an even better story for the moniker. TCB it is! @Golfspy_Lukes is going to have to go with _RTA (Respect The Alpha, for any Critical Role fans out there) just to compete ! That or @Golfspy_CG2 is switching back to _Rob in solidarity. Wait, wait, no fighting on the first day! I take it all back!
  12. Congrats Joe and Tim! And thank you @Golfspy_Lukes in particular for bucking the three-character name trend. One less acronym to memorize ! We still love you @Golfspy_TCB though! Listen, you play a round in the orange or powder blue suit from your username's movie namesake and I'll stipulate to your handsomeness.
  13. New? I think custom putters like Odyssey's Toulon Garage have options for no alignment aids: https://odyssey.callawaygolf.com/toulon-garage/ Used? I think the Nike Method 001 has a small dot, and I think a Scotty Cameron Select at one point was naked or had a small dot.
  14. Sent you a PM - Weirdly, my inbox isn't blocked. I'm not sure if the forum has a global setting for limited PMs for new accounts but if you can see my message then that probably answers that question.
  15. Welcome to the forum! I've said it before and I'll say it again, new product development is fraught with challenges and is not for the faint of heart. I wish you all the best in your endeavors! You may have better luck gathering feedback on your product by posting product questions or ideas here directly. I'd also recommend browsing the comments made over in this thread about new product developments and thoughts on bags in general: You'll have some bag manufacturing friends in Chicagoland: Wilson and their library of bags are headquartered downtown, and Zero Friction out in Melrose Park has some interesting wheeled bags. Tour Edge and Sub 70 near me in the west burbs have bag offerings too. Heck, I think Chicago is going to have the highest density of golf bags per square mile here soon! Again, good luck in your project and happy to provide feedback on anything posted here!
  16. FWIW, that standard does seem to be shifting at least in my own community. A cousin of mine is the son of a lawyer and a sharp, sharp guy. Multiple graduate degrees in the family, multiple professors, but was always told he'd have support for whatever he wanted to do. He went to a trade school to be a mechanic and universally, the attitude from the family has been "that was a great call - he's going to do meaningful work and make good money immediately without a pile of debt." I do think there is a boarder attitude shift towards college in the making. For many, the economic model no longer makes sense. The demand for college became inelastic based on the expectation that college was the only path to a career which allowed costs to run unchecked. If you wanted a career, you had to go to college. If it costs 200k to get the credentials for a 40k/year job though, the resort bartender starts looks mighty appealing. You can see similar cost problems in healthcare rooted in inelastic demand and cost overruns, but that's a different headache for another time. I agree with @tommc23 on the need for selling people on the trade path. For better or for worse, the shortage of skilled trade workers now might push a culture shift and increase the perceived value of trades.
  17. Instructions unclear. Headed to Home Depot for my new set of shovels: https://www.facebook.com/golf/videos/amazing-bunker-shot-using-shovel/722047908283602/
  18. This made my day and reinforced my decision to never take my XL out of my garage Can you share a little bit about your camera setup with the Mevo? Do you have any issues with setup/takedown? I currently use the Rapsodo as my launch monitor and really wish I could have a better camera view to go along with the launch stats. I saw that there is support for a multi-camera view with the Mevo+. It's starting to look awful tempting for the indoor winter setup...
  19. And that's totally valid - if I had the day off, I'd join ya! Only once though I think it's a really good indication of why going pro in any sport is so hard. Let's say I'm the perfect physical athlete (my dad bod violently disagrees) with a natural born talent for golf (my clubs REALLY disagree). I don't have the personality to enjoy the process of getting to and maintaining an elite level of play. And then of course, there's John "you can't pull fat" Daly...
  20. I thought about this a lot over the past three years while I was looking for a hobby to serve as a stress relief. My personality is that I can either be very relaxed and casual about an activity, or I want to be the absolute best that I can be. There is generally no in-between. The moment I decide to be serious about a hobby, it becomes another job. I get lost in the weeds over-analyzing my work looking for areas to improve. I research, practice, execute, reanalyze, and the cycle repeats to try and get better and better. The goal is to improve, not to have fun. Tour pros, NBA, NFL, you name it. They're playing a "game" but make no mistake, they're doing a job. JT talked about how a double-bogey cost him $44,000. Check out the daily routine of Rory or Billy Horschel. Honestly, that day to day doesn't sound like fun to me and it doesn't account for the decades of grinding to get to that level in the first place. I can't fathom golf being a stress outlet if that was my reality. There are always exceptions to the rule and there are plenty of people who are singularly interested in a specific activity. For me and for many, hobbies aren't fun when they feel like work. I'm at my desk 8+ hours a day. The last thing I want to do to take a break is keep sitting at my desk. I'd rather ruin a good walk and sacrifice some balls to the water gods than keep doing what I've done all day.
  21. Chatted with Fairway Jockey again and the last of the iron shafts arrive Friday morning. It sounds like they've been moving their build facilities around so there is a chance they could be built by late this week or early next week. It's been a long wait but I'm happy that at least all of the components are in. If nothing else, I'll be well set to at the start of next season to get as many rounds as possible in for the year. I appreciate all the advice advocating for lessons. It's something I agree with and will be posting updates on closer to the end of the season, as well as longer reviews of all the various services (like FJ) and equipment purchases. Even the equipment that didn't live up to expectations taught me things about my game and my preferences I didn't anticipate. Onward and upward!
  22. I hear people throw specs around like length, lie, loft, material, and flex when talking about their clubs. Rarely, if ever, do I hear anyone mention their club' swingweight. Do you know your swingweight? Is swingweight something you look at when shopping for new clubs? Do you like a heavier or lighter club feel? Which of you is guilty of this:
  23. As a quick update on the Fairway Jockey order: I sent back the LTDx head I recieved for the correct LTDx Max replacement. Customer service was helpful and understanding. They sent me a prepaid return label and I shipped just the clubhead back. It took a few days to return back to AZ where I assume it was inspected before a replacement was shipped. The replacement came the following week right before my planned tee time and it was indeed an LTDx Max! Unfortunately, it was a right handed orientation. I called back and think I got the same customer service rep. He filed a new replacement and even sent a screenshot to confirm everything was correct for the third clubhead. Again, I returned via prepaid label, it arrived and a replacement was sent. Third time was indeed the charm and the 3 wood has joined the bag. As for the irons...well... The order was originally made on May 31. I heard from Fairway Jockey on July 14th that the Vista Pro 50I R shafts were still missing with an eta of 8/20 from Fujikura. I have been waiting patiently since then and followed up on Monday. Fairway Jockey just let me know that they're waiting to hear back from Fujikura and will let me know when they hear back. On the one hand, Fairway Jockey support has been very kind and nice to work with on top of being significantly less expensive than club champion's quote. I also can't fault them (or really anyone) for the industry-wide shortages. On the other hand, I feel like I'm left without a good resolution. I'm sure I could find different shafts that appear similar on paper but if there's anything I've learned from this community it's that written specs mean nothing. Alas, I am resigned to wait and see.
  24. There must be something in the air lately for lefty putters. I've liked my Odyssey White Hot Pro 1 blade putter for a while, but I had been struggling with alignment and leaving putts short as of late. I knew I wanted to at least try something new if for no other reason than to mix up my putting practice routine. I looked at a few mallet putters but eventually decided to give the Odyssey Two-ball Ten a try. For one, it's about as different from my blade as I could get while still keeping the feel that the Odyssey face insert provides. For another, I'm a lefty golfer but right-hand dominant. I suspected this might lend itself well to an armlock putter since it would be locked into my dominant hand. Even so, I was somewhat hesitant to make the purchase. I tried a non-armlock two-ball putter at DSG a few weeks ago and absolutely hated how the putter looked at address. However, the benefit of the two-ball alignment was immediately apparent and I felt it was very easy to aim. I fully swallowed my pride once I noticed the putter on sale for $100 off MSRP at PGA superstore. I practiced on my puttout mat in the basement and the improvement over my blade was so immediate and apparent that I audibly yelled "wow!" I took 10 shots each at 1 foot intervals from one to five feet away. Not only did I make all fifty shots, but I was making "perfect" putts roughly 20% of the time. I took it out on the course the next day and finally felt like the ball was going where I was aiming. I'll spend some time this week playing more in the five to ten foot range to help with my distance control at longer range. I still have work to do in improving my reads, but its deeply satisfying to feel like I can get the ball do what I intend. I might not always make the right read, but at least my misses aren't a compound problem of both poor reads and stroke quirks. As an added bonus, the grip accepts the Shot Scope putter tags that my blade's SuperStroke grip does not . I'm very excited for my putting future!
  25. 9-holes at the nicest public course I've ever been to where I played with my H4 and the new armlock putter for the first time. It's definitely going to take some time to ingrain tagging clubs into my preshot routine but the H4 was an surprisingly pleasant experience. I had several three putts with the armlock but I felt confident over the ball and expect the stats to improve once I have owned it for more than 24 hours . Hit 51 overall, with a par on the 4 handicap 392 yard 9th. On the 9th, I hit my driver well, pitched extremely well from behind a tree with my 9 iron, and two putted with the new armlock putter. Unfortunately, the 9 iron pitch was the result of leaving my pitching wedge on the 8th. By the time I returned to look for it, it was gone. I'll check in with the clubhouse later today or tomorrow to see if anyone turned it in. I think I'd be more upset over losing the ShotScope tag than the club itself if it's gone for good.
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