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  1. If we talk about losing weight, the 5:2 method helped me (when you have a regular diet for 5 days and cut calories by a quarter for 2 days). Of course, you have to watch what you eat and count calories, but with the proper desire to lose weight, all methods are good. In addition, over time it will become a habit and will be automatically completed. Do not forget about physical activity, for starters, start running. Jogging in the morning for 30 minutes will help clear your head and move you with your breath. Then a small charge for 15 minutes and go. In principle, nothing more is needed, it's all about patience. With this method, you can lose weight, but not quickly, but you will physically feel better.
  2. Hello everyone, this is Carambol. Golf for me is an opportunity to have a good time and relax from everyone. I've been playing for 3 years now but I still don't have enough success. In ordinary life, I am an interior designer and just an omnipresent person.
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