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  1. Interesting topic! My first thought was I wonder how this will affect the used market of these clubs. So many people buy clubs that are 1-6 years old and if the face is all scratched up they might look at a different model.
  2. Curious what everyone in the community is using or looking for in the high-end headcover market? I've been wanting to pickup some nice leather or simulated leather headcovers that will stand the test of time. In Canada one popular place is Dormie Golf Workshop (https://dormieworkshop.com/collections/drivers), but I am interested to see what options are out there. Let's see what you got!!
  3. I really hope the format doesn't change too much, this was one of my favorite podcasts and I only recently discovered it! I agree with the others that Miranda added a great dynamic and I think having a female helped the podcast out tremendously.
  4. One option you could do is try and attend a free fitting or demo day and see what they tell you about your stock clubs. Might be a free way to gain some insight from someone that sees every flight possible combined with the data points.
  5. Great point, and I definitely wouldn't shop based solely on measurements. The issue I face is that my local shops don't carry all of the heads available so it makes it tough to see the differences or to know what is out there because they all look the same online. I am leaning more towards going to a number of demo days and then book a fitting as I believe that will address most of the concerns and issues I have.
  6. That you for the great advice and information! I really appreciate everyone's different perspectives and thoughts on this topic. My main goal with getting a new driver is to maintain a relatively consistent distance even with slightly off-center hits. I will take a look at the smaller driver heads as well because that may help with the transition. Does anyone know a good resource that shows the new driver dimensions? (ex. face length and height, head length and width, etc.), I would be curious which new drivers are most similar in shape to my Cobra.
  7. The largest struggle was with dispersion and the feel of it. They all felt so light and I lost all feeling of where the clubhead was at impact, I felt I really needed to slow down to gain a consistent strike and at that point the distance was less. I think I will go the fitting route and see if they can recommend some better options to help me transition from the old tech to the new stuff.
  8. Great thread! My goals for 2022 are to: Play more golf! I haven't been playing enough in the years past and I want to get out and at least play 9 holes once a week. Drop my handicap from 9 to under 5. I have been taking lessons this off-season and practicing more than I ever have. Compete in some of my club tournaments. Upgrade a few of my clubs and get custom fit for them (I have never gone through the custom fitting experience so am excited about that). Play 2 or 3 high end courses in my area. Decide on what golf ball to play consistently and stick with it.
  9. Thank you all for your thoughts and comments. I agree that feel is subjective and if I was to go through a proper fitting and know the club I am buying performs better I would likely get used to the feeling relatively quickly. You may be correct that I haven't had the right head and shaft combo that was right for me so everything I tried felt off. As far as evaluating new clubs, my only experience is going into the big box store (Golf Town) and hitting 10 shots with 6 different drivers. One of my goals for this year is to try and attend a few demo days at my local clubs so that I get to try more clubs in an outdoor setting. As far as good fitters go, I live near Calgary so we unfortunately don't have a TXG yet. We have Modern Golf, Golf Tec and a few local companies. I am sure any of those options would do a decent job and get me into something that fits better. I feel like I am probably losing a lot of distance and forgiveness off the tee with my current driver.
  10. I always base mine by looking at the par 3's. Take a look at all of the par 3 distances and ensure that they are comfortable, one or two might be extra hard but they shouldn't be unmanageable. On the courses I play the remaining holes then seem to line up perfectly with the difficultly level I am looking for. I have also based it on driver distance in that most par 4's I would expect to hit driver and a short iron into to the green. If every par 4 is driver 5 iron then I am likely playing too far back.
  11. New member alert! haha I have a circa 2007 Cobra Speed Pro X 10.5° with an Aldila VS Proto 65g shaft and am having a really hard time finding a new driver to replace it. The feeling of all the new drivers (2021 model year) are so different compared to my current club that I struggle to hit all of the newer clubs. Has anyone else experienced this? Is this a case where I need to simply bite the bullet and buy something and then get out practicing to get comfortable with the new technology? I'd love to hear the groups thoughts on this.
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