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  1. If you are making the trek to Bandon Dunes then make sure to add Bandon Crossings to your list. It is located about 10 minutes south of town, and definitely worth your time. I wouldn't take anything away from the resort up the street, but Crossings offers some fun golf in a beautiful setting. This course winds its way through the forest and has several elevation changes. Lots of fun holes and great conditions. Unlike the courses at Bandon Dunes you can take a cart here (if that's your thing) and green fees are very affordable. Since the course is s bit inland, it's unlikely that you'll get pounded by the wind all day. We played the course a couple times on the trip and had no wind. It was a nice break from the punishment we got on the coastal courses at the resort. Don't overlook this little gem.
  2. I was fit for new Irons last year at Gott Golf. They are located at Green Valley Ranch in Denver. It would be a bit of a drive for you, but I definitely recommend them! Maybe worth getting fit then playing a round there since you'll be at the course anyway. You'll hit balls from an indoor bay out to the range. They have no nets, but all of the technology. They also have a huge selection. Pick a brand and they have it. Doug was my fitter. He loves the game and all of the equipment that goes with it. At the end of my fitting I had learned so much about my swing and the clubs that could help me play better. Doug was eager to answer all of my questions and he never recommended any equipment that was out of my budget. After we decided on my new Irons, Doug built them himself and had em ready to go in 4 days! The service was great and I got exactly what I wanted. I am thinking about going this year for a Driver and Putter fitting. This company is first class and I look forward to working with them in the near future.
  3. I was lucky enough last year to find a great fitter at a local public course in my area. It's a small company with a couple bays that face out to the driving range. No nets but all of the technology is there. The fitting was one of the best golf experiences I ever had. I learned so much about equipment and my swing. The best part about the experience was when the fitter asked me about my price range. I gave him a number and he avoided anything that would push my budget. At the end of the day I got a great set of clubs that fit my game and my budget. I got the sense that the fitter really loved what he does and took pride in getting me a set that I would benefit from without killing me on the price. I have been into GolfTec a few times with free promotions. They have tons of people working in those facilities and I never felt like I got a a personal touch. I also sensed they were trying to sell a specific brand of clubs. I have yet to spend any money with them. No experience with Club Champion so I can't attest to their services. Long story short, I would look for smaller fitting companies.
  4. TPC Tampa is a fun course, and there are sometimes Hot Deals on Golf Now that could keep you in the price range. Lake Jovita has two good courses a bit North of town, one of them was a location for PGA Tour Q School. It's too bad if World Woods is not good right now due to the management shift...I played both courses there a couple years ago and they were both tons of fun. I hope they get that facility back up to snuff. It's really a remarkable property.
  5. Played in a 3 club plus putter tournament last year. Lots of fun and it was one of the fastest tournaments of the year in the club. It's amazing how fast people think and play when you take options away from them. Also notable, the scoring average was not much above everyone's handicaps, some guys shot better in this event than they have in weeks. These were my clubs in the bag: 4 Iron, 7 Iron, 52 degree wedge, Putter. If I was able to add an extra club I would probably go 4 Iron, 7 Iron, PW, 60 degree wedge.
  6. BAYONET at Bayonet and Black Horse near Monterey. The course is long, add the marine layer and the ball doesn't fly at all. The par 4 9th is probably the toughest hole I have ever played. Uphill, dogleg right, and the green is surrounded by bunkers. The golf course is punishing, but it is a great classic layout in a beautiful setting. I'm always game for some torment out there.
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