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  1. Tom, I tried the Atsko Silicone Water-Guard this week. Wow, it worked great. I sprayed it on the shoes on Wednesday, gave it a couple of days to cure, and played yesterday. I accidentally stepped right into a patch of grass yesterday that was essentially a puddle. The water went right up to the shoelaces. My socks were bone dry. I definitely give the Atsko Silicone Water-Guard two thumbs up.
  2. I went ahead and purchased one of these. My first reaction was that this device is overpriced but maybe I'm wrong about that. I've had a constant problem of having too long of a backswing. I've been looking for something to help with shortening it. I've tried a lot of practice techniques, worked on the issue with instructor/lessons, and tried various training aids. I've made more progress in shortening my backswing in 3 days with the Dewiz than I've made in the past 3 years with everything else. So far, the results are great. The other thing it's helped me with is my swing plane and transition. I didn't expect it to be this helpful with swing plane. It gives you good feedback on how vertical/horizontal your swing plane is. I haven't found a way to incorporate the tempo options into what I'm doing but maybe I'll find a way to use those features. I would say that if you're looking to get your backswing more uniform - and you can stomach the cost - this is an excellent device.
  3. Thanks Guys, I'm going to give this Atsko spray a try. That would certainly be an interesting solution (and cheap). I think I'm going to try some of the waterproof socks, too.
  4. Where I live, we're playing in some pretty wet, soggy conditions by this time of the winter. I'm wearing the Puma Ignite PWRADAPT shoes ( https://www.cobragolf.com/pumagolf/ignite-pwradapt-caged-golf-shoes ). I really like these shoes. They are super comfortable and I feel great hitting the ball in these shoes. They are listed as waterproof in the description. Uh, yeah, not so much. My feet are soaked by the time I hit the turn. As a fix to this problem, I bought a pair of the Footjoy Winter Golf Boots (https://www.footjoy.com/men/golf-shoes/winter-golf-boots/017SPE.html?dwvar_017SPE_color=56724&dwvar_017SPE_width=Medium#start=12 . I have dry feet in these but they aren't comfortable. Walking 18 holes in these is a no go . I don't know if it's just a foot shape issue or something but I can't imagine walking 6+ miles in these shoes. The ongoing blisters would be unbearable. The foot soreness/blisters would be bad enough that I would rather wear the Pumas and live with wet feet. Does anyone have a shoe recommendation for some shoes that are both waterproof for walking 18 holes and somewhat comfortable?
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