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  1. I have a clickgear b3 bag which is… large and on the heavier side. I generally take 15-16 clubs, and a ping travel bag. I don’t know the weight of the ping, it’s nothing special; but with umbrella, balls, shoes etc. and a bit of rain gear etc. I usually get pretty close to 50. [edit: I’m replacing the b3 with a vessel player 3. I don’t think it will be dramatically lighter, just better? It shouldn’t matter that much on a trolley most of the time anyway…] I’ve shipped before and when it works it’s brilliant. When it doesn’t it’s a nightmare. Some destinations handle it well, but some… don’t. And, it requires you to know exactly where you’re going to play, unless you ship to a hotel. Anyway, it’s a good option, but not always ideal. Having a lighter slimmer set for travel would ALSO be easier and cheaper if / when I choose to ship.
  2. Friends, I’ve traveled a fair amount with a big-ish bag and full complement of clubs. I’ve always been right around the airline 50 lb weight limit. Honestly it’s a huge pain, and I find myself not wanting to do it anymore. But, I realized this isn’t about *playing* — it’s just that the logistics of flying are awful with a big heavy travel bag. So I thought, what about traveling (flying) with a half-set / 8 clubs in a light & slim Sunday bag? Well, I found a Sunday bag from Vessel that’s just under 4 lbs. it’s dead sexy! Exactly what I was looking for. (Discontinued, but Still available from worldwide golf shops, FYI.) But, I’m having a devil of a time finding a slim & light travel bag / cover. All the normal suspects are too big and most are quite heavy. I’m not really expecting anything under say, 5 lbs; but I would like something that fits my sunday bag well. Maybe what I need isn’t a golf travel bag but some other kind of bag. I don’t know. Bag dimensions are approx. 11” x 12” x 51” (with clubs). It could probably squeeze down to 9 x 11? Maybe less? Any suggestions or ideas would be hugely appreciated! Thanks!
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