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  1. Mostly late 20s, early 30s, with a couple in their 50s. Budget is relatively flexible. I like the bag tag idea, and hats seem solid as well. We're going 36 holes at Deere Run, and 18 at a county course the next day.
  2. I'm organizing a small scale buddies trip. We are playing 36 day 1 and 18 day 2, 8 total guys. I'm trying to think of prizes for winners, and potentially a gift bag for each attendee. What ideas do you all have, or have liked in the past?
  3. I think it's similar to alcohol, it can help when used in moderation, but going a bit too far, makes your game way worse. For me, I hit the vape during warm ups, and maybe again at the turn. Helps me relax, and loosen up, physically and mentally. Understanding limits is key, at least if you care about playing well.
  4. 2021 was solid for me, goal was to break 80, and shot 4 rounds in the 70s, including a 76, and had only 2 rounds in the 90s. Roughly 50 total rounds. My goals this year are a bit more specific Single digit handicap(currently 10) Play the city am Make the cut at City Am Walk 9 before work 12 times Even or better on 9 holes 1 round with no doubles or worse
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