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  1. Walking the course with a Follow or Remote caddie is hassle-free and helps you to save your energy for those last few holes. Using a Follow caddie in particular is the closest thing to playing like a pro, as you can walk handsfree down the fairway, take a drink, check your scorecard, or simply think about your next shot instead of worrying about your bag. Many golfers like the freedom of being able to switch between Follow and Remote functions as they please, and with our Q Follow and X10 Follow, you can switch seamlessly between both modes, depending on what part of the course you're on (Follow down the fairways and Remote around the greens, for example). As mentioned a few times above, the folded size of most electric caddies mean they only take up slightly more space than a manual push cart, with our Q Follow also being labelled as the most compact Follow cart ever (it will even fit nicely inside the front boot of most Porsche's!). Everyone has their own preference for how they play, whether that's carrying, pushing, or using an electric caddie, but if you haven't already tried using an electric caddie, we're sure you'll love it!
  2. Hi CrazyLegs87, While the X10 Follow may generate a small amount of noise when in use, due to its dual motors (the reason why it is more powerful than conventional carts), we would not expect this to be at a level that would be a distraction out on the course. It is unusual for one of our carts to make the amount of noise you have described, which indicates that your playing partners' cart may need servicing, as this is not performing as expected. Additionally, we would always recommend following course etiquette whilst using the X10 (or any electric cart), and stopping while your partner plays their shot. When in Follow mode, the user can simply step backwards towards the cart to enter the neutral zone, stopping all movement of the cart. Stewart Golf
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