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  1. Do you put much thought into how much time you practice (range or just net in the yard) vs. playing a round? Backstory: 2 kids with a net and 30-ish yard chipping area in the back yard that I use frequently. But with the cold weather (and especially kids) playing 18 is really tough. We have a 9-hole muni down the street that I think could be solid for practice this time of year. I'm a little worried about paralysis by analysis and developing a bad habit with the net that I don't notice right away. So, is there an optimal ratio for actually getting out and hitting shots on the course vs. practice? TIA.
  2. Thanks. And it's actually a big zoysia lawn, so it's not exactly a White House caliber lawn to begin with. But big and great for the kids, so I didn't have any big plans other than cutting it. anyway. Which made me consider hitting right off the grass. I'll probably do it.
  3. So I’ve got a net and small mat in my backyard, which is great, but I really want to work on wedges/high irons and getting them off grass. I have plenty of room for it and it’s mediocre grass anyway, but has anyone else done this? I guess my main question is how long does it take to repair/replace the divots?
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