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  1. I'm 60 years old and play to a 16 index...and I am considering upgrading my 3 wood...I currently have the TaylorMade RBZ 15-degree loft. I hit the ball short...but fairly straight...most of the time, 210-225 yards I'm considering the TaylorMade Sim2 15-degree, the Srixon ZX 15-degree, the Cobra RadSpeed 14.5-degree loft, and the Cobra RadSpeed Draw 14.5-degree. Which one would you recommend for me? Or, is there a different one that I should be considering. I prefer to be straight and short, rather than gaining 10-20 yards and off the fairway. Also, which shaft would you recommend. My swing speed is the low 90's with a senior flex. I greatly appreciate any advice you better (or equal) players can provide.
  2. I've heard from some of my playing buddies that a GPS watch is quite beneficial. I'm thinking about taking the plunge and buying one. However, if I'm honest with myself, I am not the most "tech savvy" guy...nuff said. Is there a watch that you recommend for someone like me?
  3. How do I post the list of my clubs, balls, and bag in my profile??? I can't seem to figure that damn thing out.
  4. One of my local golf stores is having a sale of their inventory of Bridgestone e6 soft balls for $21.99/dozen. They said they are trying to make room for the new Bridgestone B-series balls. I'm a 16-index golfer, and I love the e6 ball. Two questions: 1) if I buy dozens of the e6, how long of a life span will they have if I store them in room temperature? Will they "hold" their compression for a couple of years...or will they lose their "playability" just sitting around with no use? And 2) which new Bridgestone ball is best for a 16-index with a 92 swing speed that compares with the results I have found with the e6?
  5. I’m a 16-index…I currently hit JPX 900 hot metals irons w/ graphite shafts. I had them fitted perfectly. And, I absolutely love ‘em. To put things in perspective, I hit my 7-iron 150-155yards. The pro that sold and fit me continues to nag me to step up to the JPX 922’s…says yes, they are that much better. I’ve swung them. They are indeed nice. However, are they that much better? I don’t know. For the money, I don’t think so. But, I’d love some impartial opinions…will I really see “that much better” results?
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