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  1. Same, warm soap and water. I use a soft brush too. Dry them good and leave them to dry grip down. I do my heads same way. Because I clean them after each shot I do t need to clean the heads as often. Soft brush for the grooves too. Do not use metal side of brush if you have one for obvious reasons. I also replace my grips at least once per year as I play 85-110 rounds per year from April to October here in upstate New York.
  2. I use a vessel cart bag. It’s sweet with plenty of storage. It looks very cool. It separates my clubs. Built solid and customer service is great.
  3. Awhile ago I read an article about choosing a five wood over a three wood. Wow, what a difference and I can it the five further and with more consistency than my three. Glad I read the thread. Well worth the time. also a nice article about the proper ball to use for your specific swing speed. Another fine written thread. it’s a true pleasure to get others opinions on what has worked for them and what they struggle with. It makes one feel like they are not alone. many thanks for taking the time to publish and to write these helpful articles. gene
  4. Maybe a test on the new LA golf ball. Unless it was already done and I missed it.
  5. My goal is to get the league to finish in less than three hours so I can keep the rest of my hair!!
  6. I just got rid of my pxg 3 hybrid that I’ve had for four years. Nice 210 yard club for me but was getting a little tougher to hit. Read about a five wood instead and decided to give it a whirl. Wow, what a difference. Much easier to hit and it goes 10-15 yards further which was tough to get use to. Now, I sometimes use it instead of my three wood. When I use it instead of my 3 hybrid I choke down a little. I have a 7wood that replaced my four hybrid. That things flies and is a lot easier to hit as well. hope this helps.
  7. I use covers and have for a number of years. I have forged clubs so it only makes sense to me to have them covered. Steel might be another story for some. I use club glove covers. They last and they keep the clubs in great shape. Plus they havnt accidentally fallen off.
  8. As Long as you keep it to 14 clubs who cares how strange it is if it works for you. I don’t carry two clubs that go the same distance. I carry driver 3w 5w 7w. Couple hybrids but I’ll prolly be getting rid of one of those pxg hybrids. I seem to be hitting my six iron better than my 25 degree hybrid. So again, it’s not strange if it works for you. you might also consider a trip to someone where that can dial in all your clubs to make sure they are gapped properly. I do that twice per year. I play 100+ rounds and my clubs are forged. Plus your swing can change as well.
  9. I show up about 45 minutes prior. Gives me a chance to hit the range, putting green and practice some bunker shots. usually a small bucket does it. I find that even hitting a few it’s better than not hitting at all. Especially as you get older. don’t forget to stretch.
  10. Warm water and dish soap. Plus I clean as I go with a damp towel. Also a soft bristle brush. Let dry and put head covers back on. No bag chatter on these forged Srixon mk2’s.
  11. Use to use spikes and went to non spikes. Good traction with them and you can walk inside misc stores and not have to worry about slipping. picked up some new Ecco brand a little pricey at 225.00 well worth it. Also have a pair of plyaners sorry I’m spelling this wrong. Very comfortable and another pair that has great traction. Both pair are over two years old with about 200 rounds. Both still look good and feel good.
  12. I use a vessel bag. Plenty of room. Holds up nice and worth every penny.
  13. I must say the website is the cats a$$. Very well put together. Great information as usually. Well thought about prior to presenting. You guys really out did yourselves. Many thanks for this update. well done!!
  14. Over the past number of years I have gone from getting fitted by the pga store golf galaxy club champion and lastly true spec golf. whenever I got fitted it would always be inside. I live in northern New York which makes things difficult to hit outside in the winter. This being said, I visit Orlando about every other month for the job. I did some research and found a place that does outside fittings. True spec in Orlando does this. It’s a huge benefit as you can imagine. Especially when it comes to a wedge fitting. In my opinion wedge fittings should be done outside. Furthermore, having an outside in clubs in general should always be a preferred method. Some people might disagree and I respect that. My experience showed me that outside makes all the difference in my fitting. many clubs will fit out doors as well. Hitting off a mat just doesn’t do the fitting justice.
  15. Usually walk whenever I can. 65 years old and use a alphard electric cart. It’s the cats tush. Makes playing 36 a piece of cake. The battery lasts 27-36 holes depends on how hilly. I also have a seat on the cart. Walking makes me play at a slower pace which also helps my game. When it’s in the nineties I ride unless I get out early in the day.
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