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  1. I have the exact same club, and yours looks exactly the same to mine, the Serial, the Decals, the Hosel , the Weight, everything. I cannot find any detail that's different from my club (except for the Geocoustic). No difference in any font, no difference in any casting grooves/detail. I would say you're Ok. The 'Geocoustic' is indeed pained on and would not go off with my nail, but there are some scratches from the days where I stood on the tee with a blood/aclohol ratio that may have still been over the limit.. If you want I could PM you some pics of my club.
  2. I try to balance the time I have. Full time job/no kids gives me some weekend- and evening time to practice. I differentiate between range, chipping and putting. On the range I go through the entire bag. Chipping and putting takes time to maintain some sort of level. I also do some putting in the home-office. My target is 2x range, 2x chipping and 500 putts per week but I rarely make that. I play 9 holes on a short muni once per week and try to get in 18 in the weekend.
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