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  1. I do have a set of PXG 0311P’s but Gen 3 and a sugar daddy 58 degree, all hit less than 10 times, they couldn’t beat out my Mizunos, if you have interest I will send pictures.
  2. Interested in any trades, I have a Callaway Rogue ST LS, a Rogue Triple Diamond, a Srixon ZX7 and a PXG, all one year old with head covers.
  3. Do you have any Maui suggestions? Also, any reputable renting clubs from?
  4. Great question, I am planning a trip to Maui in May and I'm only going to play one time over 12 days so I wasn't going to lug them around. I saw this site below and he had one bad rating during covid because he did not return all the refund for a cancelled trip. Does anyone have any suggestions, its like $79 bucks to rent at Kapalula? http://jimmysmauigolfrentals.com/reserve-maui-tee-times/?jmgrTeeTimeCourse=Kapalua Bay Golf Club
  5. Just bought a sub70 7 wood, should be here in about a week, I’ll let you know how it goes.
  6. Down to $700, someone please fund my Paradym!
  7. Thanks, I think its a more than fair deal!
  8. I was wondering has anyone tried changing the speed cartridge weights in your Rogues? If so, what were your findings?
  9. I have a set of 1 year old PXG 0311P Gen 3 irons with True Temper Elevate VSS S flex shafts, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, W, G and a 58 degree Sugar Daddy 58/07 bounce and a PXG Driver 0811XT 9 degrees with HZDS smoke yellow 6.0S. Looking for $1,000 $700 for everything. I used the set maybe 10 times over the last year but just couldn't beat out my Mizuno's. Will ship to lower 48 and can take Venmo or Paypal.
  10. Went to Xgolf and hit shots in the simulator, I recently changed from the Rogue MAXST LS to the Rogue TD and I am seeing some nice increases in ball speed and distance, ball speed was 141-151 and total distance was 254-281 about 10 yards more than my Rogue LS.
  11. Will a medium swing speed see much difference between The TD Paradym and Rogue TD?
  12. I hit my hybrid the least, basically just on two short par 4's off the tee laying up short of water, I was late adopting a hybrid and I can hit good off a tee but really inconsistent from the rough and fairway.
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