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  1. Awesome event at another relatively tough track. Some great players in the field, albeit not entirely stacked. Rory with an incredible record here but going with Hovland who is so hot right now. Long shot would be Mav McNealy.
  2. In two minds of whether the tour is better off without him, or with him. He was THE story of 2020. But his petulance since then has been a massive turn off for me, so don't mind if he says goodbye to the tour.
  3. Coverage has been much better already this year, props to them.
  4. Fancy Henley for a sneaky performance this week. Loving the set up of the course, cannot wait!
  5. So good to see Rory back. Anyone following PGA Splits 101 on Twitter? Has been such a good resource for me.
  6. Never too early! I reckon it could be Brooks' year - came into last year's Masters after surgery. Usually comes into majors in understated form - taking an early punt on him.
  7. Went out to practice wedges on the range... ended up getting bored and just hit driver over and over again. Typical haha!
  8. I would say 'to enjoy it more', but I'm not sure it helps... you just expect more of yourself the better you get. What a game!
  9. Honestly, it's worth hitting 5-6 drivers using trackman and seeing what speeds, distance, carry, apex etc. you're getting. I have a 5yr old Titleist driver, tried all the new drivers last year on Trackman and none materially performed better. Go for what suits your feel and let the numbers back it up.
  10. Got the JPX 900 Tours fitted a couple years back and absolutely love them. When you flush it, they feel so good. Handicap fluctuates around 10, but these have definitely helped on distance.
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