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  1. On 10/2/2021 at 11:37 AM, Middler said:

    Or maybe because:

    • you usually don't need that much loft, unless you play on a course with hazards everywhere around most greens
    • starting online is just easier with a lower lofted club because it's a shorter swing, e.g. a 9i vs a 60º
    • hitting thin with a 60º results in the worst outcome vs another loft (way long)
    • with a fluffy lie, the danger of going under the ball and hitting off the top of the face results in the worst outcome vs any other loft (way short) - often compounded because most players use a 60º when short sided going over a bunker, water, etc. that you're now in, defeating the original purpose

    If you make your 60º your go to club for all chipping, and practice with it more than any other wedge, it could indeed be more versatile. That would lessen but not eliminate the mishit pitfalls. It is a harder club to get good at because of the high loft, no matter what bounce.

    Because I have room in my 14 club limit, I carry a 60º low bounce (and a 56º high bounce) and I have had some great results with it when short sided, but I've had enough mishits that I won't use it unless it's the only choice. I use it less than once a round, a true special purpose club for me. YMMV

    Though I don't disagree, I think the main reason people don't play them, at least with any skills, is because they are too busy trying to figure out how to eke another 3 yards out of their driver instead of how to chip a left bend around a tree to land on the green 30 yards away while not hitting any branches. 'Cause where's the fun in that? 

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  2. On 10/4/2021 at 8:08 AM, NRJyzr said:

    Not all 60* wedges are the same.  

    I've carried a 60 on and off over the years, and found the sole and bounce are key for me.  I do a little less well with the Tom Watson Scoring System 60*, it doesn't have a lot of bounce.  The Maltby Design 60* I got from GolfWorks is much better.  It has a low bounce angle, but a wider sole, which increases the effective bounce.  I've found it works well in chipping and the like.  

    That said, I've found I can generally get away with even a moderately high bounce 56* with no higher lofts in my bag.  I'm able to open the club to do what I wish to for shorter shots, and use a form of the Pelz clock theory for short to mid range pitches.

    I expect my results may not apply to all.  😉

    Completely agree. I have a range of wedges, and every one is different. I have a Sub 70 that I'm comfortably chipping from 20 feet to 80 yards, and I have a 64 Cleveland that I'm not comfortably hitting for any distance at all but can flop from 30 yards and drop it dead. If I try to work the ball from a distance with the Cleveland, certain death awaits. But from a sand trap? I get out of sand traps more than 9 times out of 10 on the first attempt, and I nearly always cover most of the distance to the pin. And that's with the 64. I wouldn't use ANY other wedge from the trap. 

    I guess the point is like yours—it all depends on the player and the club.  

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