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  1. Surprised no one has yet suggested using a putter. As long as there is no tall grass in the way, it’s the easiest club to control — and the safest — your worst putt will be nowhere near as bad as a chunked or bladed pitch or chip. In Ireland or at Bandon Dunes, I’ll putt from as far as 70 yards out. Like any other shot, it takes some practice, but if a short shot from a tight lie gives you indigestion, this is the remedy.
  2. I carry a Callaway Big Bertha Heavenwood. Very easy to hit off a variety of lies, with a nice high trajectory. You ought to be able to find a used one on the Callaway web site.
  3. I've had a QOD battery powered cart for several years. It has performed just fine; and on the few occasions when I've had a question or needed service, the response has been incredible. Three other guys at my club have one as well, all with good results. It does not have a remote (I didn't want one); but will go ahead for 10, 20 or 30 seconds if you want it to.
  4. I tried Arches several years ago, but found it totally useless due to a disappointingly high number of shots missed by the sensors. Sorry -- Arccos. Otto Korrect had his own idea about the spelling.
  5. I'm an 18 handicap and couldn't play without my 60 degree wedge. I use it for most shots from up to 70 yards out, "flop" shots around the green, and to get out of bunkers with firm or wet sand. Far from being a more difficult club to hit, the confidence that I can get it up quickly and land soft make it much easier for me than a normal sand wedge for these shots.
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