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  1. yes, I have an Xcaliber ultra light X flex in my Callaway, around 50 grams, really good and stout shaft. My carry with that has been around 285, and with the Grafalloy PLB my carry is around 300, and my swing speed is a few mph faster.
  2. Played over the weekend, and decided to try the Ottoflex Grafalloy PLB in my Epic Speed LS again. At the range, there's a fence around 260 yards away, and has to be around 70 feet high I'm guessing. Usually when I hit my driver, I hit high up on the net, but rarely go over. There's a green a bit behind the net, and never really worry about hitting them. Well, after getting lathered up a bit, I kept hitting driver after drive over the fence, and when there was a group on the green, they turned and waved their arms, so I stopped. Used it for a few drives during the round, but I'm so consistent with my Mini300 driver that it's hard to tee off with anything else unless it's really wide open. Such a weird feeling to go back and forth between the two clubs.
  3. I was doing great with mine, but now have settled back to sucking again. Nothing like turning birdies into bogeys.
  4. I played in a tournament over the weekend, didn't expect much due to working a ton, and 7 weeks out from knee surgery. I hit a few with my Epic Speed with the PLB at the range, and it was either a smash, or hanging out to the right with a little block. I only trusted it to use once during the round though, and was on fire with my 300 mini driver, and hit a few around 310 with that, which has an X flex shaft. I do think just hitting the soft shaft has really helped my timing of the release.
  5. I took out the 10 gram weight in the PXG head and it dropped SW, and added a few MPH to my swing. Have you tried taking out the weight in the head?
  6. I'm recovering from knee surgery, so there's a bit of a caveat. I went to the range the other day, and SS with my regular driver was around 110, it's normally around 115. When using my PLB 40 I was swinging around 117, with a carry of almost 300 yards, so I'd say it's been pretty successful thus far. I knew I wasn't swinging it very well that day, my PW usually goes around 140, and I was struggling to get to 125 yards.
  7. good idea, interested to see what you think. I'm thinking I might commit soon to a TPT 21 hi and Callaway Epic LD head and start speed training to try and win the super senior long drive next year.
  8. shoot, I would've sold you mine. The Grafalloy PLB feels much better to me.
  9. I tried with both the 10 gram weight in and out, the Riptide has a mid flex point, whereas the PLB has a low flex point. I think that's key. There's just no real feel of a kick with the Riptide, just smooth. I'm going to get a PLB to put in there and see how that feels. It's crazy how nice the PLB feels, even when swinging around 117 or so.
  10. Working my way back after knee surgery, and getting over a bad chest cold, so I’m still not swinging near 100 percent yet. These are some numbers from today. 297 carry on one on the sweet spot with only a 114 mph swing. Was getting it 117-119 but couldn’t find the middle that much. I tried both the PXG with the Riptide 40, and the Epic speed with the Graffaloy PLB, and the Grafalloy feels much better. Way more whip and snap to it.
  11. Holy crap, a lot of the long drive guys are using the TPT 21 hi shaft. 45 grams and 205 cpm's. We're talking guys swinging 150mph or so. That has to be a noodle, but when timed right, they're going 400 plus yards.
  12. why not take out the weight on the head? or use a lighter one? I'm not sure what the stock weight weighs in that head, but I'm sure Titleist sells different weights.
  13. Also, I get most of my shafts from Dallasgolf.com, they have so many shafts, and have some really amazing deals sometime, and install the adapter and grip if you want them to.
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