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  1. SQAIRZ has a two year Waterproof warranty. If waterproof is important to you, one thing to look for is a "gusseted tongue". The tongue is sewn on each side up to (about) the top eyelet. This prevents water and sand from entering into the shoe around the tongue area. When raining, this is one of the key reasons your feet get wet; water enters from around the tongue. This is a little detail that SQAIRZ deploys in all of our shoes where others don't (cost).
  2. Carl, appreciate the detail. How about i send you a replacement pair risk free ... i will gladly include a return label in the box.
  3. Thank you for the objective response! Why is it so hard to believe that a well-designed golf shoe can help you increase distance? Distance is that end result of swing speed. How do you generate swing speed ... through your connection with the ground (Newton's Law's 1-3). Your only connection to the ground is your shoes. Consider the extreme: Try sitting on a chair, pick your feet up and try and hit a ball. Not only is your connection important, the structure of the shoe is equally important. Here is an excerpt (verbatim) from a recent study performed by one of top instructors in the UK who has nothing to do with SQAIRZ: "We tested numerous models of golf shoe, soft and rigid, spiked and spikeless, with a 7-iron. Generally speaking, the more stable the shoe was (the less the foot was able to move), the more force and clubhead speed we created and the better control we had of strike and direction, leading to longer carries on average. We saw variances in carry distance of 7.5 yards on average, 2mph in clubhead speed and 13 yards in dispersion from best to worst. This would almost certainly be amplified were we to test with driver." This instructor also did another study, again with a 7 iron, however this time he did it in his bare feet, spikeless golf shoes (non-removable cleats), and a cleated shoe. For those of you who wear a spikeless golf shoe, don't read on! Barefoot - 82.7 MPH, Spikeless - 81.4 MPH, Spikes 84.9 MPH. With a barefoot you can actually grip the ground. Please also read the Terry Hashimoto case study on the SQAIRZ website under the performance section. My point is, a well-designed golf shoe can provide significant game improvement benefits. SQAIRZ was designed to provide better balance, stability and ground connection, resulting in better accuracy and distance. I hope you give us a try.
  4. I'd like to first thank you for your service! We support several charities that benefit our veterans (Heart of a Lion) and programs such as Adaptive Golf. Several of the players are amputees who need the balance and stability. I am not shy about saying that SQAIRZ is the most stable shoe in golf. We have tested hundreds of golfers using BodiTrak pressure mapping and published the results on our website. In fact, Terry Hashimoto, co-founder of BodiTrak did all the testing and SQAIRZ came out on top! If you decide to purchase SQAIRZ, please call our customer service line 888-793-7779 as we offer a military/veteran discount. Thank you.
  5. Exclusively on the website. We have a 30 day money back guarantee.
  6. Carl, sorry you had that experience with the shoes. It's VERY unusual to have this happen. May i ask what model/color you purchased? If one has a high arch or flat foot the tongue/collar can sit differently however it should never "dig". Unfortunately, there are manufacturing anomalies and sewing mistakes that could also create this type of issue. I'd like to try and fix this for you and ask that you reach out to me. Also, yes, you can return them after you've worn them within 30 days of your purchase. Sorry for the inconvenience!!
  7. You are not alone; a lot of people buy 1/2 bigger as most shoes angle the toes to the center of the shoe and the 1/2 to buy room. Not the best thing for golf as your foot will move in the shoe. You may not feel it, but it is. The square toe (box) design is not a gimmick as some would suggest. In Phil Knight's (Founder of Nike) Book "Shoe Dog" he talks about how a key to footwear design (in sports) is to build out the forefoot area. Every good biomechanics person will agree. The SQAIRZ - square toe allows the toes to sit naturally (doesn't angle them to the center of the shoe), frees up range of motion, and inherently provides more balance and noticeably more comfort. The question about can we quantify performance gains ... absolutely, 100%!! We have tested hundreds of golfers, most likely over 1000 golfers at almost every skill level. We use BodiTrak pressure mapping and either a Trackman or Ernest Sports monitor. Most of the testing was performed by Terry Hashimoto, Founder of BodiTrak. We have someone hit 5 - 10 balls in their current model of golf shoes and then with SQAIRZ. We measure distance yardage, ball speed, clubhead speed, smash factor, range of motion (ROM) in knees/shoulders/hips, center of mass (COM) total sway, center of pressure (COP) at address and during the swing, lateral speed, dynamic vertical forces, peak velocity, and release factor (time from peak velocity to impact). The test results and independent studies are on our website under the Performance section. There are two connections in golf; your hands to the club and your feet to the ground. I've done some fun demo's where i put a driver, golf ball, and a pair of SQAIRZ shoes on the ground and ask "which one of these helps you create swing speed"? The ball and the club are recipients of swing speed YOU create from you connection to the ground.
  8. They are 100% waterproof all the way to the top eyelet because we have a gusseted tongue (tongue is sewn on both sides to prevent water and debris from entering the shoes). Because of the square toe, toes sit naturally and provides more comfort. In addition to Faldo, Jim McLean, Rick Smith, Nick Bradley, Sepp Straka, and John Daly all wear and endorse the shoe. We do offer a 30 day money back program.
  9. I am the Founder of SQAIRZ. You are spot on regarding structure! The golf swing creates a tremendous amount of force (pressure) and the shoe can either help you use it or lose it. I would like to expand upon your last sentence. How and when you transfer weight (pressure) is the key to creating distance. It boils down to how fast you can move the pressure from the trail to the lead side. This is what we call "breaking" (think of snapping a towel). To get a little deeper, just because you can create a lot of pressure, doesn't necessarily mean you'll use it all ... postural control comes into play which is balance and stability, another underrated topic! SQAIRZ has the widest base under the ball of the foot and provides discernably better balance, breaking and pressure exchange with the ground.
  10. My pleasure ... if you're ever interested in hearing about all the new science as it relates to golf footwear (ground force) im happy to jump on a call with you.
  11. Curious why you feel that way if you've never tried the shoes? Would you be open to looking at several independent studies to investigate the science then try a pair at no cost?
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