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  1. My eye doctor stated the same thing, I went with single vision lenses instead of progressives and no issues at all when golfing. He did state they make special glasses with very small bifocals that some golfers fine useful for keeping score but didn't go there. The lenses are photochromatic (darken depending on the light conditions), very pleased with them.
  2. The OEM fittings that I've been to were OK but on reflection, after going through a Club Champion fitting, they were limited. Not a Club Champion salesman, I had some issues with them to, but they were willing to share hardcopies of the Trackman comparison data between my current clubs and tested clubs, wasn't able to get that with the OEM fittings. Club Champion also had a lie bending machine next to the test bay and would bend the clubs during the fitting to dial in the right lie angle, doubt you'll get that at the OEM fitting, the OEM fitting may have only standard lie clubheads to test. Did notice you have a real nice set of current clubs, are you expecting to find something better? Maybe your current clubs just need to be tweaked if you're having issues.
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